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Planes, but no scenery for me until 2024 releases.

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The week of June 9th is when 2024 should start gaining momentum.


Can not wait! :slight_smile:

Why do you say that? What’s scheduled?

Xbox showcase event at the Microsoft Theater in LA. They will announce the release date (Rumor by Tom Warren, a Well Known Journalist who knows informed people). He also said MSFS 2024 will be released in november.


Gotcha. Thanks for the scoop

So you think more info will come out at the Xbox event vs the fs expo a few weeks later?

No, What I anticipate is they will do the same thing they did last year after the announcement trailer:

06/09 at the xbox event: A new trailer announcing the release date. Following this, they might post a development update with some more info. In the following days they will attend interviews and will give us some more details.

06/21-23 At FSExpo they have a presentation where they will give a lot of details of the upcoming simulator. Following this they will attend more interviews and give us more info.

Also I believe a lot of the NDAs will be lifted and new info will be shared everywhere (including 3rd party devs).

My point is, the Xbox Event isn’t really the place to talk much about the product itself. It’s more to present to the wider public their upcoming products. More info are usually shared through media and their own homepages (in our case

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Cool. June will be a big month with those events and apples wwdc

Hopefully yes we all assume something might pop up but at the same time i dont want to get too hype in case it doesnt yet :smile: maybe on wednesday we will gets hints maybe also a new fs2024 plane or heli shown on the dev q/a its going to be an exciting and crazy month

I don’t see why anybody needs to dial back spending on 3rd party items when they are compatible with 2024 version.
I would expect things you bought from Marketplace to just carry over as owned and those outside, well just put in the community folder and be done.

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I’m still buying aircraft but I’ve definitely dialled back on scenery purchases. I’d like to know for sure that stuff I buy now for FS2020 is going to integrate properly with how FS2024 does things. I know they’ve said things should carry over with no issues but I’ve followed things long enough to know what they say and what ends up happening can be two different things.

There’s also other things like that SimFX add on which a year ago I would have leapt on but I’m pretty sure FS2024 will do that sort of thing out of the box. And its a similar story with other add ons I’ve seen recently marketed. I’m just very wary of spending money on things which may only end up having a 6 month shelf life. I want to know more about what FS2024 does and doesn’t do.

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Speaking for myself, I’m hesitant to purchase mods because I’m concerned that 2024 will include it by default. E.g., the power lines and solar farms mod is payware, but I think there’s a non-negligable chance that 2024 is advanced enough to include these scenery items out of the box.

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Interesting, there is free addons that do that which work very well.
But totally understand.

Well, it was just an example. But the same thing goes for any tool or scenery - I don’t know what will be included in 2024 out of the box. Technology has advanced quite a bit since the current sim was developed.

And while I can afford a few small purchases here and there, I’d rather just save my money for the new sim and take it from there. I suspect were just a few months out now, anyway.

Regarding the example I chose, if you’re referring to Mamudesign’s scenery - it used to be freeware, but it’s now behind a paywall. No judgement though - it’s a great product.

I hope so. I really enjoyed testing MSFS in 2020.

The other thing is, yes, most the airports will integrate. But look at the trailer. You didn’t have one person moving and the rest statues. Everyone was moving. Most the airports currently, they have a few people moving, but the rest are statues. FS2024 from appearances will allow every person in a scenery to be animated with no loss of performance. Which means all those airports you currently have, until the developer updates them, they are going to stand out. Some developers will be good at updating. Some I imagine are going to want to charge an upgrade fee. And some probably wont get touched at all. Also, most the people look pretty realistic in the trailer, and move realistically. Think of how many sceneries currently have the flannel shirt guy with the beard who is kind of creepy looking. And normally he is in multiple places in a scenery. Or some sceneries have better looking people, but they all have shiny clothes and skin making them look more like toy soldiers than real people. All those assets can be replaced with now more realistic looking people.

Asobo if youre watching, sign me up Scotty! :smiley: I have been in beta 2020 and loved it.

I think it is perfectly reasonable and legit for devs to charge a fee for upgrading their sceneries and I think, most major ones will go for it.

Would you say the same if it were a plane?

It would depend on what was charged, and what was done.

We have already seen cases of V2 of products where, some developers will do that for free. Some charge like $5. But there have also been some developers who basically charged for the airport again. I can’t remember the name of the developer who does the Caribean airports but their V2, you basically had to purchase the airport all over again. So now I can imagine with 2024 coming, that I will be having to pay a 3rd time for those airports.