MSFS24 - It's time for a new Xbox Generation


every year games are demanding more hardware power. Best example MSFS 2020 . This Xbox Generation is on it’s limits. We see it daily when we fire Up MSFS. And Msfs24 will have more features and graphical levels, Missions, etc
How should that work on xboxseries S.
We need this customizable Xbox generation.
So everybody can decide how many features the Xbox can manage. Low end Xbox Series s 200.- and high end Xbox Series X 2 with customizable RAM.

The current generation is ~4 years old. I think it’s too soon to release the next-gen. Also, the industry in the middle of a turmoil, it makes even harder to expedite the next-gen.

Based on the rumors, we still have another 4 years before th next-gen arrives. Maybe we might see a stopgap (same architecture and more powerful hardware).

They’ have them they’re called pc’s.


Too young for a new console Generation but too old for MSFS24. Microsoft should develop a extra MSFSBox. lol

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I read somewhere not long ago that the next gen of xbox won’t come out until 2028.

I expect the next XBOX to be even more of a streamlined PC and with a higher price tag. As a simmer, if the current Series X does not check all my boxes, I’d go PC instead of waiting for this elusive new console.

The two big limits on MSFS performance on Xbox are memory and per-core CPU speed; the Series S/X are relatively weak on both.

MSFS 2024 devs have been claiming will make better use of multiple CPU cores – so this ought to significantly reduce the CPU bottlenecking on Xbox Series S especially, though there will still be limits compared to what higher-octane PC parts can boost to.

RAM will remain a key constrainer; MSFS is very memory-hungry for both VRAM and for system RAM*, and on Xbox these are a) unified, so allocating from both is a zero-sum game and b) there’s no swap-space escape hatch, as games are expected to behave themselves within limits.

A mid-lifecycle Xbox update with more RAM would be amazing for MSFS 2024, I suspect, even with few other updates! But I don’t know whether other games rendering at 4K are hitting the limit enough for them to actually do such a thing or not.

  • note system RAM needs aren’t unconstrained on PC – a 64 GB PC doesn’t end up using more system RAM than a 32 GB PC for MSFS. But it is plenty big enough to impact the 16 GB total shared space on the Xbox.

True, unless like me you create a RAMdrive that uses the additional RAM for cache files. It’s really not difficult, and I don’t know why more people don’t do it. Mine writes data to a physical drive on shutdown, and that data is rewritten to the RAMdrive on startup, thus ensuring the cached data remains intact until I decide to delete it.

RAM is much faster than physical drive I/O and especially packeted network I/O.

TBH, I only use it for Rolling Cache, but I think I’m going to figure out how to put some of the other caches on there.

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Hah that’s a great idea. Filing that one away to try if I upgrade this RAM later. :wink:

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My view is all the limitations in MSFS are due to the Xbox.

Remember the forum vote to have separate Xbox and PC versions?

Its tough for Asobo to support two different architectures, with PC users wanting to use more than one monitor

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Just to clarify they are the same architectures PC and Xbox both run under x86-64. It is just the hardware that is drastically different. PC being harder because there can be a thousands maybe even more combinations of hardware out there. As a matter of fact developing for Xbox is a lot easier than PC due to the console having the same hardware all around in each unit allowing them to fully maximize and optimize it a lot, however they are constrained and limited to the hardware that is provided from consoles.

Being limited on hardware makes for developers that can’t be so lazy and just tell you to buy more.

XB has a much lower OS overhead too, so you have to be a bit higher in PC spec to ‘beat’ it.

It all translates to PC, we can just supercharge it and ramp up texture quality per available additional computational horsepower. XB may be the first time in FS history they’ve given any iteration of MS a true overhaul. FS has always lagged far behind the tech any given AAA title utilizes(and often pushes a little too far for static benchmarking and claimed features). It was always released as a relatively ‘old’ game every time.

Consoles have the unique feature of ending up with a net huge performance boost at the end of their lifecycle than when they started. All software has more to give if you put the resources into optimizing it. '20-24 is a very unique opportunity in FS history.

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Yes it’s the hardware architecture that causes the issues.

PCs can be extended by an industry wide PCI bus, a faster CPU or a motherboard swap.

The Xbox is locked to it’s manufactured state, until its end of life.

That’s tough for Asobo, dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t.

I’m sure we’ve all read this on the forums here somewhere but have forgotten that its obvious and safe to assume MSFS 2024 will be more cloud/server based than actual hardware based. Look what they just released for hardware at the Xbox showcase recently. Consoles with no real significant changes to them. Just the same consoles we have now only in white instead of all black. One “X” console with no DVD drive (white) with 1TB, the other “X” console with 2TB in black with sparkles, and an “S” white console with 1TB. They’re discontinuing the carbon black “S” console with 1TB they just released last year in Sept. All the talk is online about this especially on YouTube. If they weren’t planning more cloud/server based, they would have released more significant consoles with better internals than we have now. Its simple math really based on the powers of deduction. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they’re trying to do.

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I was thinking the other day, the FSR3 is implemented in the Xbox. I doubt they would release MSFS 2024 without it. If they do, it’s some more performance right there.

Digital foundry test:

Hmm, remains to be seen I guess, but the talk is out there about what I said concerning 2024 being more cloud/server based. Someone said on these forums the issue with the consoles is they don’t have any shared memory like a PC or laptop etc. So as I understand it (from my reading in these forums), you can only optimize the SIM so much without compromising its integrity and functionality. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in November I guess once people have it installed on console and are using it. :crossed_fingers:

I enjoyed the video you posted, it seems from that info the “S” console is still a viable platform for the SIM. :+1: