Much more and longer (pause) stuttering then ever before. with 1.12.13

Post the latest download I am now getting pretty bad stuttering. No such issues prior to this most recent update.

Much more and longer (pause) stuttering then ever before.

Me too. Also less GPU usage. Maybe that has something to do with it. There’s another thread with plenty of people experiencing the same thing.

Every update is hoping for the best.
So much stuttering is really destroying the sim.

Yes,more stutter even at high fps.
I notice it caused by Garmin and FMS system.
If the plane is C152 the stutter much more less.

I was pretty happy with my dedicated custom build MSFS2020 Computer with all the fastest parts.

But after this last patch it’s sometimes more a slide show.

Tried to figure out what is the cause since the release date of this patch

Have not found the issue.
Must be the patch ??
Anyone has this issue and found a solution ?

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