Much To My Suprise

Looked to my right and to my suprise…

i’ve had that happen to me on a few occasions.
every single time it happens, my plane’s propellers stop spinning (visually) and i get weird artifacts inside the cabin view, which includes an actual co-pilot and pilot, which i can kind of see when i zoom out.
not sure what causes this anamoly, but i think it’s due to the game downloading data in the background since it happened to me in locations i never visited and the graphical glitch only lasted maybe a minute or two before going back to normal.

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Happens every so now and then for me as well.

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Seen this a couple of times. The aircraft model used for external views has a pilot and copilot and isnt as high res as the model used when you’re in the cockpit (which presumably just has to include the cockpit and the parts of the plane that are visible from the cockpit)

Sometimes for whatever reason, when going back to cockpit view, the model doesn’t switch back right away, or at all. I figure that when this happens, the animation of the propellors doesn’t start either.

Still, it’s impressively detailed given that it’s just the model of the cockpit when rendering the entire plane.


Complete surprise to me too. Now please tell me why my wife is sitting there as your co-pilot. Are your intentions honourable?

That would freak me out!

I’ve had this happen once. It seems like it’s a lower LOD version of the aircraft, or the AI aircraft. Weird.

Recently spawned into the DA62, when I flipped to cockpit cam I was greeted by a very large set of Aviator sunglasses on my face… I mean I appreciate the immersion Asobo but this is a bit much hahaha

My camera was basically inside of the pilot model. A quick cycle to exterior and back fixed it.

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