Multi monitor and multi view support

I have a home cockpit with three large screen and use xplane 11. I was so excited when I watched the pre release video from one of the Microsoft developers saying that multi screen support would be available. Much to my disappointment, there is no such support. It is unreasonable to think that after being used to have a 180 degree fov that I could be satisfied looking just out of the front of the aircraft.
Until this is implemented, serious simmers will be left out.


Have you tried using Nvidia Surround or something similar to combine your three displays into one? I have not had the chance to test it but that should allow you to at least use all three displays and I would assume that it adjusts the FOV so you can actually see out of your left and right windows.

The distortion is pretty bad when the image is so stretched.

I only have 2 monitors and my gripe with all the existing Flight Sims is that you can’t have the cockpit on one and the view (scenery) without the cockpit (or another external view) on the other. Surely MS/Asobo planners heard simmers wanting this feature- it’s all over forums…

You can do this out of the box with xplane 11 and 2pc’s

How many flight simmers have 2 computers for simming? Probably less than 1%. How many have multiple monitors? A bunch…
So that is not a solution. One of the 2 reasons I did not go with XPlane after trying it. That plus the lack of decent ATC.
I hoped FS2020 would be aware of that.

When combining 3 physical monitors to a virtual desktop the view is stretched and distorted. Looks not really good.
Asobo has to provide a proper solution for multi monitor setups.