Multi Monitor issue

Hey Guys,

I recently setup 3 55" Samsung TV’s to use instead of my VR.

They run great except when I go to the Experimental tab, I see 4 windows instead of 2. Its like they are doubled. two Window 2’s and two Window 3’s I believe.

Has anyone else ever seen this?

Thanks guys,

I don’t have multiple monitors, but I do remember it being mentioned in someone’s youtube video that sometimes when you create a new view window it gets duplicated. Sorry but I don’t know what the fix is - whether it’s safe to just delete the extra one or not…

Yes this is correct if you look you can see one is windowed and other fullscreen. Unlees you change.
But also handy if you change input if they are similair than you not loose previous setting and can change back.
So there could be use for this matter.

But you can also delete one of them but as soon you change from windowed to fullscreen it is creating another one again.

Also you can remove from usercfg.opt and reset /remove these windows
I use this option if i want fresh multiwindows.

Hope this helps