Multi-panel logitech

logitech multi-panel not conecct it to flight simulator 2020

Go to Logitech site for specific drivers.

i did still the same dond turn on

i dont know what wappent to logitech pepple with the drivers they dont do nothing driver in fs2020 dont work

why you guy make the driver for logitech for the multipanel?

Im using for drivning my Logitech panels in FS2020. It’s payware but it works flawless and gives full control.

issue is usally around the USB power management. I had before the 2020 drivers came out but has since uninstalled the new Logitech drivers and paid for

Do the rotary controls advance in single digit increments on the Logitech panels with Spadnext?

Yes, for me it does. Without spad I have the problem you refer to with multiple increments on a single tic, which makes my panel useless. With spad i works well.

Thanks for the info.

Forgot to ask, what yoke are you using?

I’m using a Honeycomb yoke.

the logitech multipanel problems beam fix.

problems solve…