Multi-Screen Option

Any news/updates as and when multi-screen selection options will become available in FS2020?

I have one main forward screen (32" curved) with two 45degree L & R screens (both 32" curved). I also want to add a much smaller screen (say 19") for my main instruments, thus giving me four screens.

Only official word is 2021-2022, so that isn’t promising. Since it seems to not be coming soon, I’ve been experimenting with my 3 monitors. I have three 4K monitors (27") and keep 4K as the MSFS full screen resolution setting, but reduce the render scaling to 80%, and use windowed mode. I drag the screen about 1/3rd of the way onto the left and right side monitors, which gives me a rendering resolution of 4918x1662. This ends up more or less the same performance in FPS as using just one monitor at 4K with render at 100. It gives me a little bit more immersion with acceptable (to me) stretching on the side monitors. It also gives me some space to run Navigraph and some other ancillary programs on the side monitors. I’m pretty happy with it for the time being. I’m using an RTX3090 gpu.

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