Multi Windows broken Today - Desperate plea for help

Since changing from Xbox to PC a couple of months back, today has been the first time I think I regretted the move.

Its all been working well, i have expanded and added triple 50" screens, two touch screens and it was all solid and happy, fantastic flight experience.

Then SU11 landed and since then, it has messed up the two side-screens - every time i start or go back to the world map etc it stacks the side screens so i can only see one - the fix is to Alt-Enter on the side and they magically pop back, then Alt-Enter to re-maximise it where it will remain for the duration until i go back the world planner or main menu screen.

Today it decided to do the usual nonsense BUT it no longer lets me Alt-Enter - the window is locked/jammed in full screen mode - all Alt-Enter does is make it flicker a little but stays maximised. In the settings/experimental page the screen is shown as “Windowed” or “Full Screen” as normal but it does not change in reality, just flickers.

I have tried the usual delete of the windows and start new ones - no change.

I’m now stuck with a broken system and cannot fly plus i can find nothing relevant on here or Google.

Any help please? I’m retired, looking after my sick wife, and this couple of hours a day flying is my only escape, I’m desperate here :frowning: :frowning:

I’ve found that when multiscreen messes up, it’s dead way to fix. Go into experimental and delete all the screens (usually four). Then add two new screens. MSFS seems to remember the correct settings and all is well.
The only time this doesn’t work for me is when I’ve altered the number of monitors on the system or I’ve changed which is the primary display.

Yeah, i tried that, i even deleted then rebooted then recreated new ones - they just pop up with the same settings and locked at full-screen ?

The four entries are still listed but it makes no difference if i select windowed or full - its always full

After some serious hair pulling i have a partial fix i think.

Deleting and recreating the side windows put them back but on the wrong sides, easy fix was to leave them there and reverse my rotation settings in the window page - the windows are now on the correct sides and it appears ok, a full shutdown/restart will confirm, will find out tomorrow.

But it’s still only a partial fix as ALT-ENTER to window or full-screen the sides still does nothing, changing from Windowed to full-screen and back in the experimental tab still does nothing at all.

Hopefully it will stay in this state as at least i can get flying again but i’m baffled why the windows became locked and i also hate things that stop working for no visible reason :wink:

This goes deeper than i first thought - having sort of got FS running again, and it did work well today, I then tried a short bout of GTA5.

Now it seems GTA5 is messed up - since fitting the triple screens, I have place the main GTA screen on the left monitor and maximised it as usual with Alt-Enter - worked ok until today.

When starting it up, it was on the right screen! I dragged it back to the left screen and maximised it as before but as soon as i did that it jumped to the right screen, maximised instead.

No idea what to do about this mess, is it an Nvidia driver thing, Windows 11 thing, or what??