Multicrew Experience MSFS voice setting

Prior To moving to MSFS I used MCExp on P3Dv4 . Under this simulator their was an option in the ATC to use or not to use the pilot voice. I am not to sure if FSX had that facility also. Those facilities gives me , as the pilot, to respond to ATC without the request or confirmation being repeated by the simulator AI. My spoken message to ATC will only appear written in the ATC box . Similarly if I pass the com to my MCExp AI first officer the wording will not be repeated by the ATC simulator

In MSFS ,Is there a similar an option to cancel only the pilot voice. ?
If so what are MSFS recommended settings to have ATC speaking , and for me as the pilot to respond by voice only . I played with different combination in the General Options / Sound and Assistance options / Piloting/AI ATC, without any success .

Any help would be appreciated

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