Multiplayer and realisim?

Been flying it for about 2 weeks now coming from FS steam edition. There are a few things on this one I don’t understand. First being multiplayer. I see people here discussing servers but I do not see a server list. Where are the ATC operators at and all the other online realisim. When my game starts, I have the option of picking a route on the global map or doing challenges/learning. Is it perhaps a realism setting I’m missing? No pushback, no taxi. I always start at the runway. You used to have a server list where groups of known and unknown people could just hang out.

Am I missing something?

zoom in on the global map where you pick your departure. When you are zoomed in enough you will also see gates, ramps and parking spots. If you choose these as you departure you will start from there with everything on your plane turned off.
On airports with ground control you will be able to ask for pushback and taxi.
If you put everything on realtime and choose realtime traffic there will be other traffic.

If you’re looking for realism, I’d suggest looking at VATSIM instead of using the default multiplayer.

Okay makes sense. I just wasn’t zooming in enough, I was just picking departure and arrival.


I’m just a casual user. I assumed live/multiplayer would work the same way as it did in FSX. I guess where I’m getting confused is how i precieved it as being live. Another issue is I can see the tags of people, but not the plane itself. Would that be why there is no realtime ATC?

The built in ATC is text based/menu driven. You can either select generic AI flight plans, or live traffic which is based off real world flights ADS-B data. The multiplayer is either group based, or ‘live’ where youll see other folks flying about, but the ATC doesn’t control them. They can typically use their own FS2020 built in ATC, but you wont hear their interactions, only see them flying about.

I highly recommend vatsim as you can actually speak to the controllers as well as hear AND see the other aircraft around you. Hope that helps.

Edit: Not sure why you’re seeing aircraft tags, but not planes themselves, haven’t had that issue before.

click on your profile picture in the top left. server you are on is at the bottom of the window that opens. you can change it there. also you can change it on the fly without interrupting your flight.

Maybe you are too far away and can’t see the aircraft because it is too small?

They are passing within a half mile of me, tags are there but no plane. I see the live actuals, I’m guessing those are the ones with no tags or either the AI