Multiplayer and the drama

Hello my fellow pilots.

May I ask our friendly folks who are responsible for the multiplayer part of the game to fix the problems ?

I don’t think we should be responsible to fiddle with our router settings or any kind of port forwarding. That should be straight forward. Any game I play works online flawlessly. But FS2020 ? That’s another sour cookie on the multiplayer part.

Let me explain a few problems .

  • Creating a group ? My friend or i appears offline. Despite we have set our status as online.

  • once in group after 10 tries , we get disconnected.

  • spawning on friend at airport and still we can’t see each other.

  • finding a friend is a huge pain.

  • invites arrive 2 minutes later

  • sometimes in "all players mode " there is No one

  • Due to all those problems we decide to play on a server and hope to see each other. Then again we don’t always see each other.

  • names don’t appear

  • friends disappears mid-flight only to reappear at the airport.

May I kindly ask to fix those problems ? We don’t want FS2020 to end in a corner as i waited 3 years on this one. This game is much more fun playing with friends after a while. At the moment I started to travel around the world with a few friends. It would be much appreciated that those problems are fixed so that we have a better experience.

Kind regards.


The MFS2020 was presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 06/2019. Until then, no one knew that it was being developed. The MFS was a surprise for everyone at E3. It is very unlikely that you waited 3 years for it.

Unfortunately, I can’t contribute anything to your online problems. When I fly online, everything works.


Well let’s say i waited since fsx. If you prefer that. I didn’t really count the years.

Ensure you are all on the same server. I never see my friends until I switch to their server or they to mine. USA East, USA west… et al.

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I think it depends on where you are and which server you connect to. I’m flying in the South East Asia server. And since practically never know anyone who’s into MSFS in my side of the globe. It makes sense that I can’t see anyone other than my friends who I personally know and passionate in MSFS.

When I switch to US server flying around US or European Server flying around europe. Boom, players everywhere. But my latency was horrible, so I stopped connecting there. Now I just have to settle in a lonely server.

I follow a streamer that does multiplayer 3-4 times a week and we get anywhere from 50-120 pilots all flying at the same time. Never had any problems and we have people in the group from many different countries at the same time.

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