Multiplayer communication

Why not make Com 2 a plane to plane communication system? Match frequency with a friend, and have in simulator voice communication. Shouldn’t be that hard to make a patch. They keep calling it a game! Games have had inner player communication for years. Come on Microsoft expected more.


100% agree. I can´t understand this. In 2004 it was ok, but…

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I’m sorry to be the buzz kill, I confidently say this will never happen. They are going to totally rely on third party service providers, such as pilot edge, IVAO, and VATSIM among others. And for your group flights, they’re expecting fliers such as ourselves, to use their own Discord channels. So from Asobo’s perspective, there is no Incentive for them to create and maintain servers for voice communications native to inside the simulation. This has plagued flight simulation products since the very beginning. We’ve been waiting for this with X-Plane for years and never happened. MSFS & X-Plane developers are not spending any development time to ever do this. I double dare them to do this but I know I can confidently say it will never happen based on history. If there’s no money in it, they won’t do it. Most people will not give them money for this service, mainly because they don’t have it to spend on it. Simple as that. Just my opinion, cheers Dion Youtube: #dionm01

Best off using standalone software for voice communications, there’s actually a link for a MSFS Discord channel in the sim. It’s popular widely used and reliable. Oh and free.
If voice comms were integrated into the sim, it would largely be another feature for the devs to deal with as well as drawing on resources directly through the sim.

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Unless I’m missing something, there is nothing more to develop at all because FS2020 relies on XBL which includes a sophisticated communication system already and which might probably as easily be tapped into in order to make automatic voice chat lobbies based solely on the tuned frequency…

Why reinventing the wheel when it is not needed, and with such system you get best of both worlds: use XBL for casual “gamer” chat, and Vatsim for more authentic ATC. I can’t wait to see a crowd of gamers registering on Vatsim and occupying the control tower frequency just because there is no other in-game voice chat system…

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Still need a push to talk keyboard option.

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Would love to have this, as long as PTT is mandatory.

Could some clarify if this functionality exist.

During multiplayer, if Pilot A tunes to Airport tower frequency 110.20 and uses the ATC to inform on landing clearance, would another Pilot B tuned into same 110.20 be able to hear Pilot A asking for landing clearance?

This would be very helpful during multiplayer especially when the intentions of the other players are unknown and gets chaotic.


Great question … would love to know if this works

Unfortunately not currently. There are several third party programs that allow some functionality of communication with others (ATConnect events on Flight Events for example). There are other third party ATC programs out there, but currently nothing native.

Very much want Proximity Voice, it would add so much. It wouldnt even be difficult, FS2020 is already on Windows Live servers where pretty much every game supports this by default.

I thought this might be a good place to put this.

I found this one from someone’s post in a Discord Channel.