MultiPlayer Event Saturday, May 8th, 2021 - Smoky Mountains - Flight Sim Break

Multiplayer Event

Date / Time 05/08/21 - 02:00 PM CDT (1400) /// 1900 UTC
Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Server: EAST USA
**Departure ICAO: ** 07TN
Arrival ICAO: 4NC6
**Aircraft: ** X-Cub, C172, C152, etc.
Route: 07TN-57NC-4NC6

Flight Conditions

WEATHER & TIME: VFR Conditions - Players Choice

Flight Plan Information

Take off, fly east following the river, fly low and slow. to airport 57NC. After take off, we will be following
Hwy 74 till we get to I-40 interstate, fllowing it to Asheville, NC, where we will turn South the a POI ( Point of Interest ) and then to the final airport 4NC6!

Other Information

Please post event screenshots in the #screenshots channel.
Voice channel Required, even if you can’t speak, for breaks, and other info!
We understand some people can’t chat cause of families, etc…

Desktop Discord App must be running for invite to work! Download the Discord App to your PC!

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** IMPORTANT NOTE - PLEASE USE STOCK LIVERIES - NO CUSTOM LIVERIES - THERE IS A BUG IN MSFS ** Even the Asobo provided additional liveries cause issues. Default ONLY please!

VFR Corntassel (07TN) to Cane Creek (4NC6).pln (2.7 KB)

Flight plan for upcoming event!

Flight plan on Little Nav Map. We will be flying slow and low down the river to the first stop and then on to the final legs of the trip! Hope to see you there!

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Oh my Gosh!! I have been wanting to fly the Smokies for awhile now. Just tried the flight plan out for a few miles with live weather and it is a beautiful route!! Thank you so much for this. I will be there with bells on!!. I was in DA 40. Seems like a perfect plane for this trip. 6000 will clear most mountains. Or flying low is just as good and even better sometimes.

Glad to hear. I think most will be in a X-Cub ( me), 152,172, etc, as we will be low abnd slow. But fly what you like in the Standard version so everyone can see your plane. Not everyone has the Premium Deluxe. See yo there!

Starts in about 2 hours from now!

Will be a bit late but count me in! Woohoo!!

No problem. Life stuff happens and get in the way of fun! It’s a fairly short route so we will just fly around the Smoky Mountains after the actual flight plan is flown! Or whatever the group wants to do? See you there! Now I have some family stuff to do real quick, before the event :slight_smile:

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See you there!!!

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Thanks to everyone that joined us today. Largest group flight yet!

Screenshots by Capt. Frisky! Videos will be ready in the next few days of the event!

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Join us every Saturday at the same time for each event! New event should be up by Monday here on the forums.

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Here is the first video of the Smoky Mountain event on Flight Sim Break. Thank You to everyone that joined us! Should be at least a few more videos of the event coming.

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Another video of the event, Too much FUN!

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