Multiplayer flying

Hi All

I got fs 2020 for Xmas and have been getting to grips with it till now. I now would like to try some flying with others but of course you have to invite friends to do it on fs 2020. As I am currently Billy no mates I’m stuck. Have just received my headset so am looking to test it out I’m looking for someone in a similar situation who would like to fly with someone else.

My xbox console name is Squidger1234#145
Discord is Squidger#0029

If anyone can help that would be great.

Hey! Id love to fly with you! Im pretty new myself and would also deem myself a Billy no mates

Reply with your discord name and i’ll add you as a friend so it will be easy to invite you to a group fly (when i work out how to lol). Let me know if you have any preferred times to fly etc.

is iemand die weet hoe je de deuren kunt openen in fs2020 mvg

Hi squidger1234, You might like to fly with our group. We fly all over the world - places selected and flight plans made for each flight. A really great group that has been going for a very long time. We fly every Wed and Fri night at 7:00pm Eastern Time. Join us on Sizzlingpopcorn’s discord
See you there. Would be happy to have you along with us.

Charliefox would love to give it a go thanks. Eastern time 5 hours difference for me making it midnight but i wont let that stop me. Will send friend request to Sizzlingpopcorn and may see you wed night.

Wat bedoel je precies

hi i am new to this as well and still trying to find help with coms and setting things up for the multiplayer any help would be appreciated my discord Bluethunder1952#3415 i hope i have it right cheers and hope to see you all very soon for a flight

I am new to Multiplayer flying. I was able to join a flight earlier this week, but seemed to be getting kicked out of the FS Discord, and had to keep clicking on an invite to restart things.

Now I cant see any activities.

I think im doing the correct procedure to log into the FS Discord, but Im obviously missing something.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m also fairly new to discord. I have not had any issues with getting kicked out etc. When you say kicked out do you mean discord crashes or you are kicked out of fs channel only.


Im based in the UK and would like to try a multiplayer flight. Am not really understanding how to work discord yet, but im sure i’ll work it out.



Hi Tom, got a friend yet? Got a discord profile?
I am looking for friends to fly with, live in dk.

Hi charliefox27632.
Can i have an invite for discord too?
Where are you situated?
Live in dk.
Discord name: