Multiplayer, Friends not showin on Garmin Map or LNM

Hi, just had a quick flight in a Group with two mates, none of us could see each other in the Garmin Screens and I also couldn’t see them in LNW, but I see other Players (outside of a Group) just fine when Flying at other times.
Is this a known issue with the Garmin? Did we set it up wrong somehow? (guess LNM is separate of course)

You don’t see other players on the VFR map, Garmin map or LNM. You only see AI or live traffic.

The only way you truly share an instance is if you use the private group option and invite the players to said close group. The it will be just your group + the AI or live traffic. I believe then you may be able to see each other.

I’ve seen other players in the Garmin & LNM before so not sure you have that 100% correct.

Edit: sorry misread what you’ve said, so how do you do a Closed Group? I just invited them to my Group

I can quite assure you that you’ve never ever seen other real players on the Garmin, VFR map, nor LNM unless you’re connected to Vatsim or another live ATC network. If you see planes on the maps in Live Players or All Players mode, they’re AI controlled. The SDK doesn’t feed that data out.

I’ve not done it myself, but when you select your flight conditions, there’s the option for Live PLayers, All players, and the 3rd is closed group. How you actually invite players into your group, I don’t know as I’ve not done it.

I’m not so sure you did :wink:

hmmm ok then firstly I’m obviously mistaken, could’ve sworn when I saw a chap flying about like a loon (definitely not AI) he showed up on the Garmin & LNM before amongst other players…ok I’ll believe you on that.

But that then begs the question, why in a Multiplayer Simulator can we not see other players in the Garmin (and then therefore LNM)? Would’ve thought this would be a blatant “must have” in a Simulator like this, no?


There have been many discussions about this since launch. Why it’s the way it is, no one seems to know. But it is what it is, and it’s this way by design.

I’ve always maintained that multiplayer in this sim is pointless unless you’re using a live ATC service. Each player has their own ATC that doesn’t interact with others and is ignorant of any other player’s plane. You see other players in the world, but there’s really no interaction. It’s as if they don’t exist beyond that.

Personally, I disable multiplayer unless I’m participating in a community event. There’s no point in having more planes in the air if they’re interfering with my flight. If we were all in the “same world” connecting to the same ATC and all playing by a common set of rules, sure. But it’s not like that. Each person is in their own instance. And displaying them is chewing up CPU and GPU cycles, robbing me of performance.


Ok thanks, personally I want to see other players on the Garmin (and therefore LNM) as I see it as a vital part of a multiplayer platform like this simulator, so I’m bewildered why it isn’t in there in some basic form or another especially when you can see them right in front of your face in Live or in a “Group”.

Now, where’s that Wishlist thread then? :grinning:

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