Multiplayer groups -How is this intended to function?

I’ve been trying to fly together with my father. The multiplayer group function seems a bit wonky and we are having a hard time figuring out what it is intended to do, let alone if it is working.

We are able to get to a group no problem. From there nothing seems to be different. If we choose the same airport we can see each other there, but we cannot automatically choose the sims flight plan, launch at the same time etc.

Am I somehow missing some functionality for the multiplayer or is it not really functional yet?

Hi again.

The multiplayer function works well, I routinely fly with other moderators without any issues.

When you are on the world map, there are three Multiplayer options in the Flight Conditions window:

  • **Live Players - ** Only players who have selected the “Live Players” option will be visible. This mode forces real weather, time, and traffic settings and is intended for more serious flyers.

  • All - All players are visible here unless they have set their mode to “group only”, you can choose your own weather and time

  • Group Only - Only players in your group will be visible, you have full control over time, weather and traffic settings. If you are not in a group this mode is the equivalent to single player

Once you enter a group, only the group leader can configure the time and weather settings. IIRC all pilots can set up their own flight routes on the map regardless of the mode selected.

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Okay, I will test this again. As you know I have just done a fresh install of the game.

Part of the confusion is that the first time we entered a group it appeared that the group leader controlled both the time and weather settings as well as the flight plan.

That’s intentional.

Okay. Well it no longer functions this way. When we enter a group now, the group leader is not able to adjust the flight plan for other group members. Do you happen to know if any reason for this to occur or is it simply another bug to report?