Multiplayer interferance?

Today while starting up Working Title CJ4 at John Glenn Columbus Int. My engines kept shutting down and my lights turned on and off. I checked and double checked my controls to make sure there wasn’t a loose connection… There wasn’t. There was another player at the same airport who’s plan was cold and dark every time I reloaded (trying to fix the issue)
After a while of not getting anywhere I gave up and started from another airport thinking it was a glitch. It worked fine.
Later I came back to KCMH and noted that there was no other players present. The CJ4 started and kept running, lights were normal.

My question is, Is it possible for someone to take control or mess with your controls and become a troll in multiplayer?

I believe this may be possible but only if the other player has a Quija board. :laughing:

In other words, no. I don’t think this is possible. The likely story is that you had a glitch in your game load. It happens to me sometimes whereas the json files don’t load properly. A common one was the light issue with the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant. Even now as they’ve patched this problem (supposedly) I have had it occur since the patch. Sometime things just don’t work and a restart will often fix it.

HAHA I’m glad others get it because I was perplexed.

Everything was connected properly and I did several painful restarts with no avail.

Will go back to KCMH and see if I can replicate it again tomorrow.

I’ve heard about this before, was expecting it to be fixed by now.

An easy fix is to enable ‘use generic aircraft models’ for players from the settings.

Thankyou for responding.

Yes I have generic enabled. However this should not effect my performance given my computer specs.

it was something with the full aircraft for multiplayer having fully modeled cockpits, and that might cause commands from one cockpit to influence another cockpit. Or something along those lines.

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Ok… I did load when the other player was not present and it functioned correctly.
Being the working title CJ4 I am going to extract the mod tomorrow and try with the default and see if I can replicate.

I don’t do multiplayer, but sometimes I see similar issues, when I wait a long time (say 15-45 min) after clicking FLY to actually take off, or take off again, after landing somewhere. I leave the aircraft on stationary… on return, I find the enigine stopped and it won’t restart, gauges/meters are dead in the water. At that point I always leave for main menu and start the flight again.

That could also be fuel- and battery starvation

Ok. Very interesting as 1 of the first times I spent a while plugging in my flight plan in the FMS.
However this doesn’t apply to the other times I tried.

Not in this case, but thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, Pieter, that could be it… I run all assists off, in reality an aircraft maybe has some issue running stationary for a long time ? So I need to press some injection or mix button… or pull some fuel handle in my C152 I don’t know anything about (yet) :yum:

No, sorry, my reply was aimed at ArcanePython :slight_smile:

But your suggestion is valid one. I think it has something to do when plane models don’t have an AI/MP model and thus the original model (and maybe simvars) are used to synchronize the multiplayer plane state.

This is all just speculation, but you might be on to something. For sure it isn’t entirely impossible.

Thank you for the clarification.

I also tried without other users and AI and it worked perfectly. Also worked perfectly with these activated and no users active in the area.

I had this same glitch midflight from Gran Canaria to Tenerife in the PA28, lights and gps turning on and off, had to do an emergency landing just in case.

Interesting…I’m planing that route as part of my trans-navigation flight.

I am certain there is a way people can hack and play with our controls.

It seems to me like an bug with how batteries are working. It felt like my batteries were switching on and off constantly but they were on and charged.
I have made that flight many times and never had the issue before.

Thankyou for contributing.

what flight are you refering to? Gran Canaria to Tenerife? or my flight from KCMH to KCID?

Gran Canaria to Tenerife (GCLP-GCXO) :wink:

Ok. Thankyou. Really looking forward to flying the approach into Tenerife.