Multiplayer Issues & Cross platform considerations

Hey Folks,

I am attempting to play with a friend. I have multiplayer set to on. I can see other players, including my friend, on the world map. However, when I set them a “as departure” (I have no option to spawn on location) once in the cockpit, I can see no players. I can see no player names, and they cannot see me.

My friend could see me on the world map. When we attempted to “join group” a message was displayed for him saying he needed " A New Application" to join me.

I am a Microsoft Store player, who originally played FS2020 on PC, but since release I also play it on the XBOX Series X. THis specific issue happened though, when we were both playing on PC. Could it be that its because I play cross platform, and my friend is a PC “Steam” player?

Just to add, even when I am playing on PC, I cannot see any other PC players “in game”, though they are visible on the World map.

I suspect my friend needs to get the xbox companion app, and log into that - but again, not sure why!.

Has anyone else seen similar issues?

I used to be able to see other players, in game, and had flown with a friend previously. This issue seems to be since the last update.

I havent logged a ticket yet with Zendesk, as I am still researching, and gathering data



Hello, since the SU5 update, the multiplayer experience has suffered considerably. Where we used to have some latency between PC players that made the experience unpleasant, we now have sudden and random disappearances of our fellow players for several minutes, which makes the experience completely suck on FS2020 today. In my opinion, today and in the state of development of FS2020, the multiplayer experience no longer exists. Regards


same here…The multiplayer functionality is completely broken…This game like others is born for multiplayer…I can’t play without friends…It’s unusable


Same, players disappear after 15 seconds / 1 minute of flying together. This happens 100 percent of the time.

Same experience here. Flying with “friends” yesterday evening and loosing some of them some time. Some are “lost” more often than others while other players were clearly visible. Discussing this issue over Discord… it was common to all of us ( about 8 “friends”) but at varying degrees. Tried both: “All players” and “Live players” but no difference.
“Friends” would switch from “visible” to “invinsible” randomly while at distances of 100m to 2Km and over.
None of us new if this was reported to Zentek but we all agreed that it is a bug that spoils the multiplayer experience.

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Multiplayer issues (players disappearing or not visible at all)