Multiplayer liveries getting mixed up

To all who fly in multiplayer, are you experiencing problems with liveries? I’m trying to find a solution to a problem. When you fly in your favourite repaint It gets swapped or worse, you see everyone else in that same livery even tho they haven’t selected it.

File contents are the same for everyone else and liveries we all have in. So if you have a any information or fixed the problem please share that knowledge.

I want to add that multiplayer settings within the menu are not ticked to use generic aircraft.

The current 3rd party livery issue is that everyone has different liveries from different sources (, megapack, etc). If everyone has the same set of liveries and fly together, the livery system should work properly and you will see the intended livery that your friends chose.

MS is working on having standard in-sim liveries to come packaged with the sim itself. This will provide a basis where everyone has the same liveries and will properly sync. It can be visualized with the current set of liveries that were added in the last update that existed back in FSX.

Airline companies are not seeing livery licensing to be a priority, so it is difficult for MS to gather these licenses and make airline liveries available for the public. They have been working hard on it, so I know it will come eventually.

Thanks for your input, we fly in a small group and just want to see everyone in their chosen livery. We all have let’s say the Justflight Arrow and the standard liveries that come with it. But when there’s 3 or more friends in the same aircraft and chosen their own livery. We are all showing in one same livery to each other?

This is happening to other aircraft that are 3rd party. Asobo A320 works perfectly fine and we have had no issues with other Asobo aircraft.

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