Multiplayer nameplate on/off key mapping

This request was first asked back in Sep 2020. That’s over a year and half and still nothing. Surely it’s not that hard. I think many of these requests get forgotten because newer ones come along and grab lots of votes. What about some weighting factor added to the vote count for every month since it was first requested. It might give some of these older bugs/requests some much needed visibility.

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In the meantime: With this mod you can toggle on/off the nameplates:

for the nameplates you need the folder [uimod]-mugz-hiddenui and [uimod]-mugz-tinyplates from the download in your community folder.

Not when it doesn’t work you can’t. I am fully aware of this mod but it does not work for me even with it being the only thing in my community folder. We need official built-in support that plain works.

As well as such an option, we also need an option to be able to toggle the HUD in external view. I would have thought that these are very basic requests that could easily have been implemented by now.

I too would like to toggle nameplates

In latest Q&A Martial Bossard mentioned that this feature has been done. Developer Q&A Twitch Series: May 25, 2022 - YouTube So now the the only question is, if it comes with Sim Update 10.

From the Sim Update 10 Beta. Very excited about this:


Something I’ve been waiting a long time for. Thankyou. Multiplayer will be so much more fun now.


Hopefully they will add more options for the nameplates (as mentioned here), like showing distance & speed, and settings for font size, radius etc.
Skies are always full of nameplates but I have no idea if they are 10nm or 150nm away…


I’ve been eagerly awaiting this update in SU10 and can happily report all is working as expected. Now for POI toggles.

This topic can probably be closed now.


It’s been a long wait, but thankfully it now works as expected. What about also giving us a mapping to toggle the HUD in external view? And the POI markers?

This is the wishlist thread you’re looking for:

Meanwhile, this particular thread for the nameplaces can be closed by the mods as it’s now “fixed on live”. Woohoo! Amazing that it took two years for such a tiny feature, but we got there…


It’s still open in the feedback snapshot (#43):

So I’m trying to get some clarity on what’s going on. In the meantime, I’m keeping it open.

This item was delivered in Sim Update 10 (