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Ok, so this is a trivial question, but I’m going to go for it anyway since I haven’t really found an answer whilst searching the forums. Does anyone know where the names come from that are shown on the nameplates? Is it just your gamertag, or is it the callsign you add in the options pre-flight? I’ve always thought they were our gamertags, but some of them that I’ve seen in the wild are really quite long and I’m sure exceed the character limits for gamertags.

Just curious if anyone knew.

I believe it is their Gamer Tag.


Pretty sure the Player Name is just the gamer tag and the Aircraft ID comes from one of the config files for the aircraft.

Kind of what I figured. Thanks all!

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gamer tag

they are getting weird and long as we have been at it over 20 years and all the cool names are taken like thejediknight

I’ve had the same Gamertag since 2006 or so. Picked it on a lark because I’m left-handed and happened to be limping from a sore back at the time. Thought it was an ironic take on an old American Delta blues man’s stage name. :slight_smile:

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Actually, I think it’s been more than 20 years since that name was cool! :sunglasses:

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So while flying tonight, I saw someone with the name CAP’N CRUNCH #494.

I find it seriously hard to believe that’s a gamertag with the apostrophe, the spaces, and the pound symbol. Could it be that we’re seeing the callsign with the flight number tacked on? I’ve seen other folks with the #xxxx as well.

I believe Xbox users have a #number added to their Gamertag on MSFS (or maybe all PC/XBox MP games?..I wouldn’t know as I don’t have an Xbox!).

Ahh, ok. Thanks Zathrus!

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