Multiplayer plane models not loading

Hi all,

I have been playing MSFS for months now on PC, and this problem has progressively gotten worse to the point where I can’t see plane models in multiplayer. I have a high end system, 5950x, 32GB memory, and a 4090. Many months ago, I used to see planes and the correct models. Then for some unknown reason, all I would see is generic airliners for everything. And now in the past week or so, I don’t see any plane models at all. Just player name tags. This is driving me crazy.

I have checked and double checked my MSFS settings. Everything is enabled. I have Ultra on traffic variety. I’m at my wits end.

I actually saw somebody with a Volocopter load in today, and I saw that model!! He was sitting on the tarmac, and I took off… circled the airport and poof… plane model disappeared again. I could see him moving around on the ground (because the nametag was moving) but that was it.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you!