Multiplayer Planes not updating/out of sync (Group, Xbox)

Myself and my brother tried group flight for the first time today. It was okay but a little buggy. We were both flying the F14, I am not sure if this is expected behaviour, but our planes were displaying differently on each others screens.

The plane model was fine, but if he opened his canopy it would be closed on my screen when looking at his plane, the same issues with the wings and his landing gear in flight was not updating to show he had it retracted, even though on his screen it was. Oddly, if I opened my canopy and looked at his plane on my screen his cockpit would also be open, even though on his game he didn’t have it open, and if I closed mine again his would also close when looking at it on my display.

Also, even though he didn’t have them turned on, his plane on my screen would show that his wheel chocks were on even though he was visibly moving down the runway.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

As this isn’t a bug and seeking the advice of others, moved into Community Help Center. When posting in Bug Reporting, please do not remove the provided template. Thank you.

Thank you and apologies. I believe I now know why this is happening.

There is a wishlist on this if you’d like to vote: