Multiplayer planes

I always wonder why mfs don’t let us see other people in other planes…
for example If I fly in the a320n I can’t see others who fly in the b747 or b787 etc…

Yes, I thought everyone except other 172 fliers were all using custom aircraft or something for a long while.

If someone is flying nearby (& connected to the same server as you) in one of the default aircraft… or an addon aircraft which you also have… then you should be able to see their aircraft (assuming you’ve got multiplayer on of course)
If they are flying an aircraft which you don’t have installed, then you will still see it, but not correctly. It’ll just be generic.


No, you’re missing the point.

If you are flying a 172 the only plane you see with a designation below the call-sign is other 172.

Ok I see what you mean. Thanks.


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