Multiplayer Player´s Traffic above Ground

I’ve had the following problem for a few weeks, I use RLTS (Russian Live Traffic) and on almost every flight I have one or more aircraft in traffic that hover above the ground and are taxiing, as can be seen in the picture. Do you also have such problems and how were you able to solve them so that traffic rolls on the ground normally again?

What I’ve noticed is that the multiplayer players are off the ground, not the AI ​​traffic itself.

do you have an idea what is wrong with my multiplayer traffic and some players are floating in the air?

or the multiplayer also looks like this, absolutely no one has an idea? :frowning:

Hi @derDonX,
This addon isn’t supported due to piracy.

However, others have reported that VATSIM does the same.

Thank you very much @Hester40MT