Multiplayer Problem


When I fly with my colleague in multiplayer mode, it basically works. Only the planes are not displayed correctly. I fly a C-172 with CH livery. My colleagues also recognize me that way. I see my colleague as a Beechcraft Bonanza G36-like aircraft, when in fact he flies a Piaggio P149. I myself have the P149 in my hangar. Does anyone have any advice on where the dog is buried.

Greetings Peter

For reasons passing understanding, the game treats liveries as totally separate TYPES of airplane, rather than different paintjobs for the same airplane. Thus, you must have BOTH the same airplane (including by the same dev if there are more than 1 out there, like the PC-6) and the same livery as your buddy. Otherwise, your buddy will appear as a generic plane.

BUT, EVEN IF you have both the plane and the livery, it can STILL happen that you’ll see a generic plane. And the generic plane might have no resemblance to what your buddy is actually flying. So really, there are no guarantees. It’s one of my pet peeves with the game.

Is this a bug or a feature?