Multiplayer quantity?

my friend created a group we were 8 to connect
2 had their invitation refused. saying that the group is full

how to solve this problem of amount of friend to join group

we are 12 friends …



i was not aware that there is a limit …

There is a 6 person limit.

I proposed that this be increased (or removed entirely) but the suggestion did not get many votes.

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i hope for many people vote for increase the rate of players
this screen show you the limit number , but 2 are out off flight with us …!

My Virtual airline AMC, we are sometime 15 flying in Group every thesday, friday and sunday to discover all arround this nice world of MSFS 2020

i hope for a new update to increase people in a Group kickly

best regards



Vote here:


your playing in the wrong mode… :slight_smile: you could have 30 if you wish,learn the 3 modes of MP and how they function to see group mode isn’t the cats meow,and its still buggy with INVITES…

fly in LIVE or better yet(you can all set different time and weather) use ALL, its the cats meow, as many as ya wish!

good lcuk!