Multiple controls into powered USB hub

hi all,
noob here.
curious. all my controls go into a powered usb hub. as such it looks like they are all sorta fall over each other. trying to bind the physical control to helicopter controls and ye, after having minded them, when I tried to take off for first time I suddenly found that 2 controls were conflicting… astray both seem to have mapped to Joystick L Axis X …


What matters is the mapping you have in game, not the hub. Indeed I use two hubs for instance. The hub just drives the connection of devices to Windows and they are always going to be independent devices because they will be assigned with unique IDs.

However if you map elevator axis to two physical devices at the same time in game both can generate inputs at the same time too. This should be avoided as much as you can to prevent not consistent control inputs but will still work if you leave one of the devices at its dead zone (so it won’t generate inputs) and use the other to play.

That problem will still persist even if you don’t use hubs and plug devices to existing usb connectors directly. So try to assign unique axis at game to one device only whenever you can. That prevents duplicity of input commands.


I don’t think it matters whether you have a USB device plugged directly into the computer or a USB hub. I have three 10-port powered hubs I plug everything into. Those get plugged into three ports on my computer, which handles data I/O between all the hub’s ports.

Sounds like you need to remap some controls. Also, I don’t believe the sim can distinguish between two peripherals of the same make/model. I’m not sure if that’s your situation.

I don’t know how a space sim (which typically uses two of the same model joysticks) handles that kind of thing.

This is no longer a problem with current Windows versions. They are still going to have unique IDs so game will still handle them as independent devices because game uses the IDs assigned by Windows to identify pheripherals, so multiple identical joysticks can be used by MSFS or by any other application that works that way (Spad.Next for instance).


my thinking also…
but when i go rudder left i mapped the control by moving the control, and same for rudder right…
then went and did the collective up and collective down followed by cyclic.
while trying to do cyclic it was complaining that there was a conflict.

Will retry.



I know SPAD can handle multiple same make/model devices. I figured it was SPAD voodoo at work. Good to know that simmers using the sim’s own mappings can do it as well.

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‘Search by Input’ will show you what controls are mapped to an input.
In some case it’s OK to have multiple events mapped to the same input. For example, I have camera controls (Look Left, Look Right) mapped to both internal and external cameras. I get a warning, but it doesn’t matter.

In other cases it can be a big problem. For example, I wouldn’t want ‘Rudder left’ and ‘Aileron Left’ mapped to the same control input.

Perhaps you are mapping your rudder input to your helicopter’s anti-torque controls (i.e. rudder) and also the cyclic. I can see where that would definitely cause a problem.

My two cents: I did have issues connecting everything to a hub, from time to time having some controls issues, random. I ended up getting a Mini PCI usb expansion card which added seven USB ports (five USB3 and two USB2 ports), and after that had no more issues.

The fact that is powered is just to feed devices with the appropriate current each connected device needs since according to specs USB is 5v 500mah (and generally they demand more than that).

There’s some issue sometimes about the amount of devices you can connect to a hub and which type (I remember an LTT video that showed some issues that appeared when they tried to achieve the max amount of devices that can be connected through USB).

Anyway, I’m not sure if your issues are related to that, as others have mentioned.

Devices at this stage.
Logitech X52-Pro (which is a throttle and joystick interconnected and then single USB connection)
VKB Rudder Pedals.

The Hub also allows me to address cable length as i can run the rub to under the desk, and then allow all controls to connect to it and then single nicely routed line back to computer.

when I do a sensitivity connection/check on the X52 then it shows correct behaviour on axis.
when I do a separate sensitivity connection/check on the VKB same result.

but as said during assignment it complains the axis already assigned, while I know I did not…

if anyone has some time and willing to jump onto a zoom or discord call/screen share would appreciate it.