Multiple issues A320neo V2

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No, only beta

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Inibuilds A320neo V2

Brief description of the issue:

I’ve tried this airplane in a complete flight (LEBL-LEGR), having found some issues. I’m not an A320 pilot, so please, correct me if needed!

  • I feel that the engines are really close to the ground.

  • ZFW was 63.1 tons as indicated in both simbrief and the EFB. I was unable to load it in INIT B page, the upper range is 62.8 tons or so.

  • DES mode is strange, it was unable to follow the green dot. At FL200 it started to decelerate to 258kt, losing the vertical profile.

  • It is difficult to decelerate in general, worse than the PMDG 738 to put a reference (IRL 737 is the same).

  • APPR PHASE page was completely filled, but ‘ENTER DEST DATA’ message was displayed anyway before reaching TOD.

-Both ND and MCDU shows only ILS 09, there are multiple ILS approaches at LEGR, they should display the entire designator.

  • I loaded VIBAS2D arrival to LEGR ILS Z 09, and the aircraft was unable to perform the base turn when passing GDA VOR. It started doing strange turns.

  • I was unable to set NAV mode when doing a Go Around. Arming the next approach was impossible and broke the entire route sequence, having to do it by hand.

  • It was impossible to shut the autopilot disconnection warning, beeping even on the ground!

This is a great aircraft, and once these issues will be solved, it will be even better. :slight_smile:

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Screens provided above

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LEBL-LEGR flight, VIBAS arrival ILS 09 Z. ZFW 63.1 tons, fuel 5700 kg.

PC specs and peripheral set up:

Lenovo legion 5 laptop

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i had a similar kind of issue, a flight i do regularly EGBB - EGPF for example in the 737-800 i program this route as per simbrief and no problems what so ever, how the very same route in the A320 o dear not good, more so the approach, it completely missed the airport and i had to manually fly it in one i turned around that is, it was miles off