Multiple planes missing (MS Store)

I had to reinstall the game to an issue i had but since the reinstall multiple planes are missing from the official packages.

I have Premium-Delux and the only airliner i have is the 787 i am missing the base a320 & 747 as well as all base planes inc in standard edition.

I am attempting to reinstall the game again lucky for me i have a 10gbit/ps sequencial download/upload fibre connection.

I am wondering if other people have had similar issues.

@Dualznz, Hello. Did you use the search option before you posted? Many threads on this topic. Take a look here.


thank you i didnt find the posts i looked before i posted but thatnks again :smiley:

Just an FYI…
At the top of the page there is a link for “SUPPORT”.
The majority of problems that have been solved by Asobo are listed on that page, with solutions. It is likely that page could have saved you from having to do the re install in the first place. Not sure what your problem was but a reinstall if not done correctly (to remove residual files) can cause more problems and is usually not necessary.
Just a heads up for next time…

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Thank you all, all airplanes accounted, however somehow all piston airplanes flaming out for some reason which I will search for similar subjects in this forum.


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yes and i found this

this is it

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