Multiple screens functionality

I´m just trying out dual monitor setup, works fine.
But - is there posible to change the “cut” somewhere?
At the moment the screens split in the center, ofc. But if I want my cockpit more on one screen, and the otherone pointing out the door window?
You are smart ppl, you get what I mean :slight_smile:

Unless you can do it with outside software as far as I know they have taken that functionality out of the game unfortunately. Gone are the days (like in FSX) where you can resize different size monitors to make things work like this:

But we’re supposed to get the ability back in the future…

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Oh… Just to wait then. Thx for your reply.
I can´t fly with instrument and the runway just where the monitors interact in a good way.

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Yeah that was one of the biggest disappointments when this 1st came out … no multi panel support. What were they thinking? lol


Until Asobo will fix the FPS problem with popouts I helped myself by not using the G1000 any more and going back to steam gauges. In order to get these gauges on my G1000 (I know, sounds ridicolous) I bought Airmanager. For people flying analog anyway this might help. In order to get the correct view without cockpit but with cockpit sounds you might want to change the cfg file and position yourself 9 feet higher. Unfortunatelly this will not work for airliners as one would expect. For my szenario the FPS is stable, I have a clear outside view as in P3D with cockpit sound and a clear picture of my cockpit instruments. I help myself using the G1000 hardware bezels to turn OBS, QNH etc. Being an emergency solution I hope for Asobo to fix the bugs and missing features as soon as possible. I do not want to get used too much to landing a C172 on the visual height of an airliner…

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See also Remove bezels on pop out PFD / MFD screens and allow resizing and saving position and size

The iRacing 3 monitor solution is the best I have seen in any simulator. I do not know the programing ins and outs and what it would cost to implement it, but if I do remember correctly when I started to use iRacing many, many years ago it did not have the 3 screen system it does now…they created it or it was an upgraded version (I don’t remember) and iRacing is not even close to the MSFS Pocket$. I have 3 monitors but I also have a serious PC with VR so that is what I fly…VR. Would love the option though.


To EVERYONE please do not forget to vote !

Maybe they will understand how important this feature is ! For my personal opinion way more important than replay or anything else.


For me its also important, but i think they have big problems in terms of fps. So its not implementet yet


Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. I was planning out a three monitor solution for MSFS2020 as I cannot handle VR without getting sick and am in disbelief that they dont have it implemented yet. I dont even know what to say… I guess they had to prioritize xbox release instead of basic foundation features that are needed in serious sim. However, the fact that they released xbox first, tells you that they think of this as more of a game than a sim. What a joke…


You named it


I agree with the proposition, PC AND XBOX users deserve multiple screen functionality.

100% agree .

PC AND XBOX users BOTH “Deserve” multiple screen functionality, and are also “Entitled” to have them.

Just because it was not in the original product, when purchased, does not mean it should not be added for “FREE” now, because we now “WANT” it …

It’s just so unfair it is not already included…

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It was in the ‘original’ product for as far back as I can remember, fs9 fsx. And since they used the same engine more or less there is no reason that it shouldnt still be in there now. That and 2d panels but my guess would be that they can barely support the server/network requirements as they are now let alone adding all that much more being requested by people running multiple screens / machines…

I think that multiple monitor setups are a must yes for sure, but i also believe that there is more to it.

Because let say u want to use 3 monitors, that would be incredible demanding on even todays monster computer builds.

I mean,
The computer must be giving perspectif to 3 different angles, this while we have seen that already one angle is difficult (things like stuttering, freezing up, hangs, lags or ctd’s).
So on multiple setup it needs to render so much with this i think beautifull sim.

The thing i have my hopes on but not the money to experiment,
to do so is the use of multiple pc running msfs.and connect them with the program “wideview” of Luciano Napolitano.

Link to WidevieW - FAQ

This program i used for fs2004 and FSX and it renders on each cliënt so there will be no overlord on the main computer.

This program makes the maincomputer the server, and put the other two are client computers put in a following mode, this will also require fsuipc registered version, i think

But as you can read on Luciano’s site, they had to rebuilding the program and it is pretty hard to get it work properly.
To this principle, The client computers slew accordingly with the main computer and dont have to be real heavy concearning to older version of wideview, so it give opportunity to re-use old graphics cards and motherboards. Altough it it would consume a lot of energy i can imagine it will take a long time to decide for Asobo how they want and can support multiple monitors without degrade the sim, but im sure they will want to support this.

Frankly i’m glad that they did not start it already, because the simulator is not ready for it and it has to mature more to get there and i know it is hard but we simply have to wait and be patient.

Now im not a programmer nor develloper myself but nothing than a simple end user, but i think that if Microsoft/Asobo could get their support to work together with Luciano’s wideview to get proper support to devellope, then for sure i would pay extra for 3 accounts for msfs and wideview, i already have fsuipc licence and the hope it gets there some how.


sure, it may not be easy to implement, but i think, the offscreen caching function is one step in the right direction to realize it

The rendering engine for the sim was completely replaced with Asobo’s in-house engine. This was designed for single-screen use only, it would appear. This is why multi-screen appears to be so difficult to do. It’s re-architecting the rendering engine to do something it was never designed to do. The ‘classic’ MSFS rendering engine was multi-window and multi-display since the days of FS9, but wouldn’t cope with the level of detail in the new sim.

Multi-channel is important, for those with deep pockets and advanced configurations. Not many people will be willing to invest in multiple high-spec gaming PCs just to run the sim. I am (and I do, with P3D) but people like me are unusual. What Luciano has done so far is impressive, but again, the default assumptions about how MSFS will be used work against the idea, so setting up a multi-channel flight is painful and time-consuming.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that there needs to be an Advanced or ‘Cockpit builder’ edition of the sim, at an increased price, to fund the development of the various features we need for these use cases. Most people using this sim are not like us, and they won’t need these features, so I can see why they get put on the back burner or are not viewed as important. Luckily there are enough people asking for multi-monitor that it’s going to get done eventually… but I doubt it’s going to be flexible enough for my use case, for example. Nothing short of individually definable asymmetric view frustums will suffice for my setup. I would happily pay more to get this. But most people would not.

Ultimately, this is the problem with making a sim that’s supposed to appeal to casual gamers as well as the hardcore, and putting it on a console platform which has completely different assumptions than for PC. One size will never fit all, and multiple sizes becomes very expensive and time-consuming to make and maintain.


A «professional» version. Multiple screens, open to 3rd party instructor station (It is today i belive), IFR visibility settings, all game stuff not installed, able to save a default flight that opens automatic with start of program…,
Would be perfect :blush: ( Home cockpit builder)


I think you may be right as in x-plane I need a gaming PC per screen for decent FPS. Same setup as professional simulators.
More of a CPU limit than GPU (in case of x-plane) as multi threading usage is not great.

X-plane has the networking feature with 1 master PC and multiple rendering view PCs in built, so seems like the way to go due to single PC limitations these days.

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Link if u missed it.

49:20 they say something about multiple screen functionality… :- :pensive: