Multiple VR display adapters

I recently started to have very poor VR performance and I am trying to figure out what is going on with my reverb G2 and 2080TI with 457.30

One thing that I suddenly noticed is this that wasnt there before, it seems that for some reason the pc things that I have 4 VR displays connected, or at least is what I am infering. Anyone experienced this or know how to fix it?

Pretty sure this is the thing where you can do the registry tweak to get rid of these

Yes indeed. This fixed it for me!

Thanks, that helped!

I’ve the same problem and it seems that i can’t solve this. I’ve to install the KB4568831 update before? Cause i’ven’t…

I’ve installed the update needed, added the key in the registry. and now it seems to have only one monitor instead of 4. I hope that it will remain this way.

Ok, i can say it know. It worked for me aswell. Great help cymantix!

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It wasn’t in my registry I even search the whole register and found nothing. But I am definitely having an issue with windows wanting to send too much resources to my main monitor and starving my G2 and degradating the performance. I can set my main monitor to 1600x900 and launch the game at 100% on OpenXR and 100 on the game resolution and get great graphics untill windows decides my 4k monitor is not set right and resets it while I am playing. Then it all goes to ■■■■ again. Maybe you know a monitor expert that can help this. Thanks for the post.

BTW you can add that string on your registry. I’ve done the same thing. Add it and it will solve your problem!