Munich Airport / EDDM Add-on?

Does someone produce Munich Airport / EDDM (Germany) as detailed payware. Even with the new buildings and areas that are currently under construction? Flight greats from Germany

When I remember correctly Aerosoft ist working on this airport :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a question for the community rather than a wishlist request, so I have moved it to General Discussion & Feedback.
Thank you!

Hi there, Gaya Simulations is working on it. You can expect high quality.

released by Sim Wings. Anybody already with first impressions?
I tend to wait for Gaya Release.


Thanks for reminding me - I forgot GAYA had one in the works too. I almost bought this yesterday - but it’s the most expensive addon airport to date and the texturing looked pretty weak - both buildings and ramp textures.

Any news whether Gaya announced a date for EDM release - they mentioned it is Q1 but Q1 is Jan till March :slight_smile:

Agree, going by reviews as well as he price SimWings released EDDM, it is underwhelming. Waiting for Gaya version.

Aerosofts version of EDDM is already out ->

I expect that it will be available via the marketplace too, maybe already with tomorrow’s update.

It’s pathetic that VDGS gates for EDDM by Sim Wings are not included. And the explanation?

“Functional Safegates (VDGS) will be integrated as soon as there is a reliable technical solution by the MSFS SDK”.

This reflects somewhat on the technical expertise of the Sim Wings developer(s) as Aerosoft developer(s) have already produced 3 airports with excellent details, apron artifacts AND functional VDGS! One of which is a freeware!

MODERATOR TRANSLATION: Do we know when EDDM from Sim-Wings will come for Xbox?

Ist bekannt wann EDDM von Sim-Wings für die Xbox kommt?

What freeware airport by Aerosoft has functional VDGS?

EDLP (Paderborn) is free and it has VDGS. Available in the MSFS Marketplace or direct from Aerosoft.

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Thanks, I have it, I just didn’t know it had VDGS. Shows how unobservant I am I guess. :slight_smile:

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