Music Selection Discussion

Hi everyone! I am absolutely blown away so far by MSFS2020, and one thing I always appreciate is a good original soundtrack in a game or simulator. I absolutely love that the developers gave us options to change the in-game music. This setting is located in GENERAL>SOUND>MUSIC SELECTION.

The three options so far are COLOR 1, COLOR 2 and LEGACY. I’m very new to the game and still unsure how much new music plays in the game outside of the menu’s but so far I love alternating between all 3 settings as I don’t have a favorite yet. LEGACY takes me back to my favorite memories booting up the older MSFS games on my uncle’s computer, COLOR 2 reminds me of the music that played in the trailers for MSFS2020, and COLOR 1 reminds me of my favorite driving simulators.

I was curious what everybody’s favorite option is for this setting? Also, for those that don’t fly to the in-game music selection, what music playlists do you listen to or recommend while flying?

I have chosen Color 2.

The default gets on my nerves having listened to it all through the initial download :crazy_face:

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Thanks for asking, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: LEGACY for sure

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