Mute NAV radio in TBM 930 DAHER

Hi all!

I have been searching around, both in the plane and on the forums, but can’t find how to mute the NAV radio morse identifier signal in the TBM. If it is tuned on for example an ILS it keeps repeating this identifier and it annoys the hell out of me. Does anyone know the trick?


I don’t know, but I would try clicking the same thing you used to turn it on? (No morse code is audible by default in any TBM 930 flight I’ve done with an ILS approach.)

Haha if it was that obvious I wouldn’t have asked. I did not turn anything on (or at least I am not aware I did). Only thing I turned on during the flight were the deicing systems.

Hehe. :wink: This could be something specific to the area you’re flying in or the route you’re flying to, or the exact procedures you followed setting up the flight.

What’s the route?

LIDW to LION ILS 34C. Got it early in flight as well when the NAV picked up another beacon.

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I’ll test it out! I’m curious now. :smiley:

I’m unable to select ILS 34C approach to LION on the world map. This could be an issue with the Navigraph data I use to replace the default nav database.

No sorry I’m mixing airports up. Let me check.

Correct airports route:

LIDW direct to LION - Engine off (Flying with ONAIR game, if you don’t know this game go look it up, it’s cool).
Without reloading, continue from LION direct to LOWG ILS 34 via GRZ.

Then I started flying (AP on) and pretty soon I got the beeps when the NAV1 picked something up. I set the PFD BRG1 to NAV1.
Later ATC told me 34C via XIBAR but there is no 34C so I only changed the transition to XIBAR.

I’ll try flying the TBM again later to see if it was a one time thing ore happens again.

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I think the first signal was on 124.85 btw.

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I think the first signal was on 124.85 btw.

Bingo that’s it. COM1 and COM2 when unused are tuned to 124.850.

This is an actual frequency that is used, so it sometimes will cause you to hear those stations. (For instance in some parts of central California you’ll pick up the KSNS ATIS channel on this frequency.)

You can either turn down the volume on the radio, or tune them to another channel.

But I was hearing the Morse identifier of the actual tuned NAV. (I checked) I’ll try again tonight.

If the NAV was 124.850 then you’re hearing COM1 or COM2 also tuned to 124.850.

I’ve tried again. COM was on the current flight following frequency, NAV1 was on 110.5
Somewhere between LION and LOWG the NAV picks up LJB. This time I didn’t hear the identifier. After some fiddling I think I found what should have caused it, but I still couldn’t reproduce:

On the smaller display below the MFD, you can choose COM/NAV with the button on the right. When you then click Audio & Radios you get to your NAV1. If you look at the bottom right, it says to push the knob to get the identifier, and to rotate for volume. I might have done that while trying to zoom on the map while unaware it wasn’t on MFD setting. HOWEVER: If I try to hear the identifier now using this knob, I get dead silence.

Anyway, it seems it was a one time thing which I now should be able to reproduce but can’t :joy:

Thanks for your help!

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Glad you solved it! :smiley:

I highly recommend unbinding the mousewheel from the ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ commands; it’s made my life a LOT easier. :wink:

I meant zooming on the map on the MFD which uses the same knob but then that display must be set to MFD first :blush:

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heh ah yeah that’s a tricky one :wink:

I’m in VR so the cockpit zoom isn’t doing anything anyway.