My 1st build, question

This sim has done it; I am spending money for a better PC. This is my 1st time putting one together and I am a little puzzled right now.

I have a zotac rtx 3090 GPU. There are 2 x 8 pin connectors off of it - PCIe connectors? The card cam with two short 8 pin cables each spliced into 2 x 6 pin connectors, for a total of 4 x 6 pin connectors. Am I correct in thinking that the 4 x 6 pin connectors get connected to the PSU?

Or, do I forget about the 2 short Y spliced connectors and instead connect the GPU to the PSU using one of the longer cable that came with the PSU that is spliced, or use 2 individual 8 pins at each end, that came wit the PSU?

I hope I am making sense.

pretty hard to be sure from pure text, but normally the 6+2 ends go into the GPU 8pin inputs. But please refer to the manual that came with the PSU. That should have the explanation of what cable is for what for your specific unit.

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I figured things out and it worked out in the end. After this, I don’t think I’ll buy another pre-built again in the future.

I recently purchased an ultrawide monitor 5120 x x1440 and my fps and graphics took a dive trying to push all those extra pixels. I put together an i9 9900, RTX 3090, 32gb RAM @ 3200, and a 1Tb ssd. with fresh windows 10. Just did a fun flight on ultra settings - wow!


have you screenshots ?

How do you upload pics?

Good for you! you’re much braver than I am … I paid a custom PC supplier to build my new rig for me!