My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

Yeah, i’m getting the same results, without a way to force the 30fps reprojection it’s almost unplayable for me.

I didn’t do anything that @CptLucky8 hasn’t said. For me, it can drop below but never goes above 30 fps.

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Hi @Aspelta looks like you have the latest version. Strange you don’t have the Custom render scale option in Developer Settings. I would remove the OpenXR Developer Tool and reinstall from the store. Also from the store click on more options (…) and My Library and select again more options (…) and select Download and updates, you might need to update associated runtime libraries as well as the tool. Good luck.

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Many thanks! it worked :slight_smile:
Seems like it didn’t want to update…

Now, open XR demo scene do not start :frowning:
Actually it starts, pink glasses shows up, and through the black screen for few seconds goes back to cliffhouse…

Anyway, “custom render scale” is there.

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It doesn’t work for me neither, but I don’t care much about this one :joy:

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For those that want to fly single-prop aircraft with Motion Smoothing and are annoyed by the artifacts in the prop area (and how could you not be?) I suggest you try the following prop mods:

I haven’t tried them yet, but they should reduce flicker and artifacts hopefully.


Hey! I’ve been looking forward to this write-up since our discussions in the Beta forum! Thanks again for everything you do on here. You helped out many people get a enjoyable experience and this guide for the G2 is HUGELY apreciated!


Hi @CptLucky8

Thank you again for all of the help you are providing to the community. I think Microsoft owe you a great deal for the work you are putting in here.

One quick question for you - not sure if you’ve tested this - do you think there is any benefit to disabling Hyperthreading in BIOS for those with CPUs which have it enabled?
In every sim I’ve played for years, it seems to be a point of debate, so just wondering what your take on it is?


EDIT: Just re-read this thread (I’ve not been on for a few days!) and seen that a) it’s been discussed and b) your CPU doesn’t have this capability - so no worries!

The thanks comment still stands though :slight_smile:


I tried the 60hz mode with the Reverb G1 and activated reprojection with SteamVR, it’s not the best but it’s locked to 30fps, but there seems to be a stutter every 5~6 seconds that it’s really annoying.

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I am locked at 30 FPS @ 90 Hz with no stuttering. I am not using SteamVR; maybe that’s the key. MSFS is an OpenXR game, and you don’t need to use SteamVR even if you bought it from Steam. Have you tried all the steps laid out by CptLucky8?


Thank you all again for your kind words! I’m glad this is helping you getting started with VR and FS2020. I know it is a cliché to say “once you try VR, you can’t go back” but it is a game changer in simulation. Sure enough we don’t get the same level of details we’d get in 4K for example, but loosing some details for the unique ability to just look around, lean over, look up the overhead panels, and even just move sideways to see what’s behind the center post, it is worth it, and it changes everything when flying the pattern especially.

It is not a static guide either! I didn’t try 60Hz yet for example and I want to revisit HAGS and a few other things just to make sure I’m not missing some extra perf. I’ve tried SteamVR OpenXR again though and I didn’t find any compelling reason to use it for now with the G2 unfortunately.

Speaking of SteamVR, I’ve updated “My VR Settings - Index” lately with the tip to using the SteamVR linux_v1.14 - Older build, for Linux users version which is effectively eliminating nearly all remaining stutters with the Index and giving at least 5 fps more for many people. Unfortunately there is no matching WMR for SteamVR which is working with it and FS2020. The WMR for SteamVR current (non-beta) is working with my other SteamVR titles (like Google Earth and another one - didn’t try them all either) but not with FS2020 which switches to VR mode ok, gets the headset orientation ok, but fails to displaying the views in the G2.

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There seem to be conflicting advice on what’s the best driver to use for 3080 to avoid stuttering. Some said the first driver that supported 3080 is the best - 456.55, others that it was 456.38 (I got CTD with that one, I think because it’s not a 3080 driver?), yet others 457.51

Has anyone tried them all and compared the results? Or anyone has a stutter-free experience - share your driver version then please.

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Well, this is a tough one because we can’t just rely on the Captain anymore.

456.55 is supposed to fix the 3080 CTD, so I wouldn’t go earlier than that. My 457.51 woks fine, and I haven’t tried any other version.

I used this with an 2080 and it worked great. The only issue I saw was randomly the headset would black out and then come back. On a 30 min flight happened 3 times within a 5 min period.

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Hi, I’ve noticed that when OpenXR uses SteamVR, then switching to VR mode doesn’t work when set to the linux build. Maybe you should try and confirm and if so, update your thread, and if not let me know and I’ll see what might be causing it?

I’m using 457.51 and I see small stutters every few seconds, noticeable when looking at the ground or turning. They are not huge, but noticeable. Quoting Chernobyl “not great - not terrible”. Just want to make sure I’m using the best available driver…

@RomanDesign @ImXLXL @AviatorJ3023

I’ve tested a bunch of them (listed in the article) with a 2070S and so far 457.30 is the best performer (and not just with FS2020). But it might be better using another driver version with a 30XX.

457.30 is working best in my test system provided NVidia CPL is also set as indicated. It is possible other drivers are working better with for example VSync OFF instead of FAST. This is very time consuming and not always easy comparing drivers versions, but the choice of 457.30 is also the choice I’ve made initially, prior VR, in “My 4K Settings”. I believe therefore there is some virtue to this driver version (457.30) in the end.

In any case this discussion is a starting point with good and solid settings based on both understanding of the technologies involved and flight testing in repeatable conditions, with a goal of smoothness and easy settings changes for the type of aircraft and flying, in reducing mostly any needed changes to Terrain LOD and Clouds (all others can stay like recommended, only these 2 are the most impactful usually). This helps getting started in VR and tweaking only a few settings in the end, instead of being dragged into an infinite combination of settings!

Therefore please, do try them all, compare and share your findings so that most of us could benefit from using the best NVidia driver version for a given, or all, NVidia models!


@DrKaii I believe I’m already confirming it doesn’t work?!?

I also don’t believe there is anything that can be done. There is a bug in the OXR implementation of SteamVR 1.14 sending a wrong frame absolute time to WMR and it will always skip rendering frames because it will think they are in the future (or the past I don’t remember which). This is talked about in the Steam forums. Therefore unless both SteamVR OXR and WMR for SteamVR talk the same with the same refs, it won’t work.

Ok sorry, didn’t see that. Haven’t read the whole thing. Thanks for the response

I just tested 457.30 vs 457.51 on my RTX 3080. This is interesting.

I found 51 to be slightly (1 or 2 fps) better with reprojection off, but vastly better with reprojection on.

No wonder some are complaining. Lucky for me, I just happen to have had the better (best?) version for 3080 all along.

This is probably not applicable to the 20 series. I have to imagine drivers must be very hardware specific.

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