My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

I’d refrain from using anything like this with any simulator, even if it gives some boost, and even more with FS2020. This is interfering with the simulator own internal task scheduler and might cause problems with add-ons.

Here are a few reasons I won’t be recommending this kind of tool:

  • FS2020 is now using a sandboxed SDK for which most non-aircraft 3rd party code could run as external .exe, therefore in giving more priority to FS2020 you’ll give less priority to 3rd party code and possibly also break synchronizing optimizations which were implemented in the 3rd party code.
  • FS2020 will use DX12 which is opening threading optimization opportunities at the simulator code level which could be impaired if the user is artificially changing the process priority and/or threading affinity.

And fundamentally, what process lasso is doing could be done directly within the FS2020 code by the developers and if this tool proves any benefit, I believe you’d rather post your detailed analysis to Zendesk so that it benefits all of us.

Having said this the simulator is running quite well already given the richness of its graphics and the number of live objects/states it is managing. There are still a number of optimization opportunities I’m sure and I’m also certain they will come in due time. For example in VR I’m noticing more load with the 2070S whenever I increase some settings (Terrain LOD or buildings HIGH) whereas I’m observing much lower load increasing clouds or texture size (comparing both changes from the same initial conditions/settings). When comparing these changes and the CPU/GPU sync/stalls with fpsVr I tend to think the bottleneck is in the vertex shader and the number of vertices to process, whereas the pixel shader is more comfortable. There might be an optimization opportunity here in using SPS (single pass stereo)* so that the video card is handling 2 vertices transforms at once. Maybe I’m wrong though because it is only empirical and maybe they are already using SPS or other similar techniques, I don’t know.

*SPS has its share of problem too and seems to be even wrongly rendering with the G2.