My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

yes same here to steam latest beta has broken steam vr motion smoothing
i was so happy using CptLucky8 recommendations and finally got a superb vr Flight experience
then valve go do an update
and break it again (should give option to roll back drivers )

Intel i9 10850 k
nvidia egva RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra
32 gig ram
1x 1TB samsung evo plus

im going to buy a Hp reverb G2 and sell this valve index :slight_smile:

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Hum, I think you’d be trading a headache for another one :slight_smile:

I’d check ISantus post above regarding running it at 144hz w. 28.8 fixed. I use to run with motion smoothing but after trying their settings I was sold. Also running similar specs so I’d try that before giving up on the Index.

Hi Captain,

Any update on why TAA at 100 performs better for you than at 80?

Also were you able to figure out why and how VR can be optimized as it relates to this issue?

I’m not sure to understand your question, but TAA 100 is better for EFIS legibility because this value defines their rendering resolution, regardless of the OXR/SteamVR SS. For better options, please vote:

EFIS Screens Problems and Solutions for higher legibility (link in the OP)

You wouldn’t want committing such sacrilege! Unless you only play FS2020 and even then, try running TAA 200 SS100 and let me know about the visuals. Once you get a 3090 or FS2020 optimizations permit, you’ll get nearly same legibility as G2 with much more robust VR experience and device.

Having said this, SteamVR 1.16.3 is breaking motion smoothing but look at the bright side: their release notes are mentioning the application can now pass the depth buffer. This means motion smoothing will be able to project pixels based on their distance, which is what WMR motion smoothing is doing and why WMR implementation is visually better (if not also faster).

Nevertheless, today I’ve tried pushing my 2070S OC (never really done it before): +147Mhz core / +497Mhz mem. Results: no gain I can notice in particular either with G2 or Index. The same pixel shader related settings are depriving me from the same amount of fps as well (maybe not as much but nothing I would really measure from the look of it).

However, I’ve been trying both the Robin and the Longitude over the Hawaii islands and it was great: with my settings in the OP but Terrain LOD 100 (instead of 50), 120Hz/30fps, TAA80/SS128 no reproj. and all good to fly and look in the Index.

Update: been doing a few flights over Hawaii with Longitude and K350 and all excellent with the SteamVR 1.16.2 beta (this evening they’ve retired 1.16.3 which is disabling reproj. by error): 120Hz/24fps/50ms, TAA100/SS128 reproj.

NB: I find TAA100/SS128 giving really great EFIS screens of course but also good external and overall cockpit details, considering it is 2070S “only” I’m quite fine with the perf thanks to reproj. working there. I can’t wait they introduce 1.16.3 back, with the depth buffer support, and see whether this makes SteamVR reproj. much better with FS2020.

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PSA: it looks like SteamVR Beta reverted to 1.16.2 for me (at 20:30 EST)

The last bit was just frustration tongue in cheak comment, but thank you for your replies, I do have stunning visuals and finally 2 fast jets F15 and Typhoon to scream round the Mach loop with no stuttering until 1.16.3 and in DCS i only use VR for flight simulation .

ps thank you CapLucky for your detailed explanations im of the older generation 66 years (still think im 25 lol) and this has been a great help in understanding the intricacies of VR

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Reacting to your OC, I have now my RTX 3070 but right before with my GTX1080 having +150 core +300 Mem made only a light difference. For example a benchmark raised from 116fps to 123fps, and other benchmark was in the same ballpark. In other side, temperature raised from 74 to 85 degrees. So not sure it’s really useful unless you’re exactly on the edge of the targeted fps. In VR sometimes it made the difference for me, but only sometimes, that’s why I only applied OC (through MSI Afterburner) before launching some games.

BTW with the new RTX I made a quick test today and was able to keep a steady 45fps with 77% gpu usage with my current settings. So I tested quickly TAA 80% and SS150% (though Oculus debug tool) and I had a pretty nice image, sharp, more or less smooth (some stutters) and the same amount of GPU headroom (77 / 80). So I’ll be able to raise some settings, that’s good :slight_smile:

Edit : I need to read again your advice on post 0 here :wink:

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now posted! (and updated with SteamVR 1.16.5)

Hi Just update for you based on your thoughts for visuals with Nvidia RTX3080

my specs
Intel I9 10850K
32 Gig ram
flightsim on 1 TB Samsung evo 970 plus ssd
nvidia egvs RTX 3080 F3 Ultra
Valve Index
nvidia 457.30
latest Index beta

i have been following your suggestions, and arrived at these settings

TAA100+SS220 this as you said produces stunning graphics in cockpit and the outside world

120 Hz fixed 24fps/ 120Hz/ 25ms motion smoothing

This works well on all aircraft in all types scenery heavy London / sparse wales (mach loop) , i mainly fly fast jets so the new F15E, Typhoon and the new skunkworks FIAT-AERITALIA G-91for adrenalin rush, these setting let me fly low and fast rock solid (the only thing i change when flying these settings is i lock the motion smoothing always on this stops any juddering when pulling a fast turn 600+ knots at low level no blurred scenery at all its awesome

flying the A320, beachcraft, cessna, the only thing i change is motion smoothing global setting on it produces rock solid graphics no stutters

so finally thank you very much Cptlucky8 for your help

its clearer than DCS Now

Sometimes you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. I installed the current Nvidia driver 461.40, but the result was a shock: Image in my Reverb1/1080Ti turned into a stut-t-t-t-t-tering hell. Returned to the proven 457.30 and all is smooth again (clean installation every time).

Now I ask myself, when will Nvidia provide us smooth VR drivers again???

On a related topic: Is it still suggested to run the old “linux” SteamVR, as the present 1.16.5 beta seems to work quite well for me?

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I did the same thing today when I streamed on Twitch with my Valve Index.

My first stream was with the 461.40 drivers and could never get rid of the stutters.

My next stream was with a clean install of the 457.30 and it was night an day.

The one thing I have been finding is MSFS is much more likely to stutter than X-Plane but the visuals keep bring my back. :smile:


Don’t forget that MSFS is doin much more that x-plane, the weather, Clouds, online data, online users. etc. It uses more resources because it can do more.

There are 2 sides to every coin: it might be using more resources because it is not optimized enough.

In the last Q&A they’ve mentioned how the work on XBox + DX12 port lead them to finding optimization opportunities (up to 2x sometimes - whatever it is). These are not in my opinion DX12 related optimizations but core C++ coding practices and data structure/management optimizations.

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Hi Cpt. Hope you can help.
I have been a loyal follower of your advice and up until today was happy as could be. Mostly Ultra settings getting an incredibly smooth framerate (not measuring with a fps counter, but by eye).
Then when I went to fly today , Steam started an update and actually seemed to start a reinstall (with room setup, etc,) but froze halfway thru the update. Now it is showing Steam Beta 1.15.19 ( weren’t we at 1.16 or something). I was still using Nvidia 457.30. Suddenly it is barely flyable in VR… feels like less than 10 fps. I tried rolling back Steam to the 1.14 linux beta…still horrible. Tried updating nvidiia to latest driver and that was worse.
Went back to nVidia 457.30 and checked Steam (says I am up to date)
I tried renaming Community to “Community.disabled”-no difference…It is all really bad.
How can I get back to how great you helped me make things.

I9 10850k
RTX 3080
32 GB 3200 Ram
1 tb firecuda ssd
Hope you can help,

I thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately I have no idea to suggest in particular, except maybe validating SteamVR integrity and cross checking you’ve selected the beta channel again?

1.15.9 is the latest release
1.16.6 is the latest beta

SteamVR - Steam News Hub

I may have wrong, but could it be the SteamVR Auto supersampling which changed its value to something bigger?

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Hi. Just to clarify is Steam super sampling set with “resolution per eye” and in global or per application setting?
I think my issue was somehow it turned off the Beta option… I ended up re-installing Steam and Steam VR, but then I opted into Beta… away from pc now… so can’t be exact… and that allowed me to use Haven’t tried it yet. Amazing how much the version 15.xxxx could mess everything up.
Thanx for reaching out.

To each his own, but I do is set the global to 100%, and then adjust per-app.

When I swap the G2 and the Index, I usually change the per-app setting accordingly, but in fact I could change the global one and this would scale all per-app proportionally, but in doing so, I loose the direct control to the resolution I want or can use so I rather take the harder step re-adjusting when swapping headsets.