My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

No mods here and I cannot even move my mouse up to see the toolbar at all - is there a new keybinding to display it while in VR I’m missing?

I feel like I am misunderstanding what you are talking about here, especially based on the screenshots provided in this section:

In short for the Index this is:

FS2020 SteamVR Comments
TAA 100% SS 78% Better for EFIS clarity
TAA 70% SS 100% Adequate for analogue gauges
TAA 60% SS 220% Breathtaking visuals and crisp enough EFIS (my fav overall)

Tip: Thanks to using 78% resolution in SteamVR I can use 100% TAA with adequate fps. This makes EFIS screens readable without the need to lean over. You might also want comparing the two other variations which are giving similar fps but different legibility. The Index will never reach the clarity and details you can get with the G2 but I find TAA60+SS220 giving the best looking inside or outside the cockpit given the 1400x1600 panels.

You’re showing the overall and per-game settings but don’t these sliders do the same thing? Why are you referring to one as “TAA” and the other as “SS?”

I’m explaining this terminology a few post above:

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Valve Index)

It is also explained in the discussion. Try the search feature with “CAS Shader” or “Timothy Lottes”

Unplayable for me with Index and 1080ti run by 10700k. I know the gpu is old but I am waiting for the 3080ti no matter what, but I expected at least a fluid experience in low settings. Taa 60 and ss220 runs bad. So does taa 60 and ss150. Taa100 and ss100 also bad. I even reverted to may2020 drivers with zero impact. Back to DCS until Asobo fixes that mess

Is the default

I have a Oculus Quest 2…does anyone know how to set the SS? I open the oculus debug tool but I dont see anything in there that mentions SS… Thanks!!

I must have messed with it - doesn’t work. Do you know the name of that binding?

In the Oculus Debug Tool, it’s called “Pixels Per Display Pixel Override”. It’s a multiplier, so 2.0 is 200%, and 2.2 is 220% (as per one of his 3 options).

My dude - I’ve got an 8700k running well and a 3080 and I’m so CPU bound at 220% (Oculus Oversample) / 60% (MSFS) - It looks absolutely fantastic but man I’m at about 25fps. My assumption is my CPU is getting killed right now… unless I’m missing something. For you, not sure - you have a faster CPU, but not by a ■■■■-ton… I think we need the next generation or two to come out or we need some serious optimization by Asobo.

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VR - Toolbar Toggle

Its more so a Nvidia Driver issue because people are screaming over on their driver fourms that they ruined VR for christmas.

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My NV CPL does not give the option of either ‘Image Sharpening’…or ‘Low Latency Mode’…it is version 81959 and my GPU is 2080 Super…and my Win 10 Graphics does not show ‘No Hardware Accel’…‘Graphics Performance’ etc or anything else that yours shows…Its Win 10 Pro 2004 19041.385…what am i doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just not using the same Win10 version I’ve indicated in the OP. As for the NVidia CPL version is doesn’t matter much to know which version number is showing when choosing “About Nvidia Control Panel” menu. What matters is what driver version you’ve installed (not the tool version). Press the little Home icon in the tool bar of the NVidia CPL to display the driver version.

PS: speaking of versions, I’ve spent hours today comparing 446.14, 452.06 and 457.30 and I must say the best experience on my test system is with 457.30! I would have thought 446.14 was still better in VR but with my NVidia settings and Win10 settings, 457.30 is a clear winner to me both achieving some more fps and nearly no stutters.

Im using win 10 2004, isnt that what you said? and am using 446.14 as per OP

Performance definitely seems to be worse for me since the beta. I had it set to an acceptable level for my 2070s and just enjoyed the experience, now I’m constantly fiddling.
I’ve lost around 5 fps somewhere and that’s huge in vr, tried allsorts thanks to the help from @CptLucky8 and others.
Going to try drivers I haven’t used yet now.

While it’s very nice to hear about all the ReverbG2 users, that has got the sim running great using these Index setting (and OpenXR?), has anyone actually gotten the Index and SteamVR to run somewhat acceptable?
It looks to me like SteamVR is not really up to the task yet, so I guess it’s just to keep fingers crossed that SteamVR will be updated sometime, in order to run OpenXR/WMR and MSFS2020 better?

Consider disabling any reprojection in SteamVR.

Yep, Motion Smoothing is turned off, that helped quite a bit.
Guess I’m just frustrated with the relative poor Index/SteamVR performance, and then reading about OpenXR beeing smoother.

I can get around 55-60 fps consistently in Cessna 152 which is pretty acceptable (posted a pic in this thread previously). I found that some of the settings don’t get applied until after you restart the game which could cause error in performance judgement. I also found that performance can tank if I switched to play other games (Cyberpunk in my case) for a while then switched back to MSFS, and this typically requires reboot to fix it.

Some of the things I did to gain fps don’t make sense to me such as setting the headset to 120 Hz, but this is reproducible on my rig and consistently yields minimal CPU and GPU frametime fluctuation.

If you have fpsVR use it and start tinkering with the settings yourself, and see what happens to the CPU and GPU frametime. Our setups are not the exact same so what works for me may not apply to you, but so far the most bang for bucks for me in terms of fps gain is by reducing the in-game rendering scale and Steam supersampling (80 and 100%, in my case).

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@thetonester1968 HAGS was introduced with Win10 2004 with Nvidia 452.06+

@Tailgunner68 I agree there is like a last minute change degrading performance but not always. Also, it vastly depends on aircraft. During my tests yesterday the B787 was drawing fps down so much unless lowering Glass Gauges Refresh Rate to MED or LOW, whereas the A320 and the Citation Citation Longitude were fine (and the later really smooth).

Given the recent discovery of how the fps are raising (and the Manipulator thread is idling) when hovering the mouse cursor on the popup top bar icons, and the gauge refresh rate not causing as much stuttering as during the beta (for which I recommended using HIGH to workaround the issue), I suspect they might have changed EFIS gauges drawing code and handling at the last minute and this is what might be responsible for a lower perf compared to the beta.

@DachsDK I’m sorry the conversation is gearing toward the G2 for now and I wish I could just post my G2 recommendations so that anything non-Index goes there. However this is interesting comparing the differences because it is revealing some avenues which could be useful for the Index in the end. I’ll certainly revisit the Index recommendations after publishing my G2 topic.

@supmua during beta anything other than 90Hz was not working right in terms of cpu/gpu sync. Only the first VR beta I’ve tried early on was giving me the choice using 90hz or 80hz as a tool to make FS2020 stick to 40fps instead of 30hz when my test system was capable achieving it (aircraft + location permitting).