My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

Will over clocking my 2070s give me any good results?

My specs:
Ryzen 7 3700x
32gb ram
Reverb g2

I’m really struggling at the moment to get any decent performance out of my system, even in savage cub it seems to be very stuttery and unpleasant.
I’m going to try rolling back the nvidia drivers (I’m on the latest 460…) tonight and see if that helps (noob question- do I get them from nvidia website, then remove my current driver and install the new one?)
Apart from what I tried following your guide for the index headset and slightly turning down some of the settings.
GA planes are bearly acceptable, a320 unflyable

@Aniol1349 I’m not sure about the capabilities of the 3700x vs the 9700K I’m using but one thing is certain: the more single core CPU perf you get the better. With the power config trick I’m describing the 9700K runs all cores at 4.6Ghz (sometimes 4.7) on my system, whereas it would run 1 core only at 4.6 otherwise (turbo boost) and this is definitely helping a lot. As for Nvidia, please go with 457.30 until Nvidia officially announce they’ve solved the VR bug plaguing their drivers.

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Speaking of Nvidia drivers:

Some people are downloading from GURU3D, are using DDU etc… If this is just because others are saying to do so on YT or other guides, you might want to reconsider. You have no guarantee anything downloaded from any other site than Nvidia is genuine. You also don’t need DDU unless you’re really dealing with some problematic systems.

It has been a long time Nvidia driver installers are cleaning up properly so what I’m doing when changing drivers is just running the official Nvidia driver installer and just installing the bare minimum:

  • Choose NVIDA Graphics Drivers (only)
  • Select Custom (Advanced)
  • Select Graphics drivers, PhysX System Software
  • Unselect HD Audio Driver, USBC Driver and GeForce Experience

Once it is done reboot the computer. That’s all.

PS: The installer is designed to supporting both upgrading and downgrading the driver version!


I guess I’ll give your version drivers a shot then. I’m at a very happy place with my G2 and things set at 70 and 70, but I could do with a few more frames worth of overhead. For the record, I’m getting enjoyable performance on 460.79.

Unrelated to this immediate topic: I realized last night when flying in Idaho that “Ambient Occlusion” actually dramatically affects detail on the ground – it appears that at least with snow, with it turned off you lose any definition. I was playing at 3U2 in a snowstorm and discovered that – it might be worth sacrificing other settings to leave it on, because it vastly improves the sense of speed and depth perception when landing.

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3900x user here: Unfortunately we’re a bit behind the intel family in raw clock speed – it’s a bummer.

@Aniol1349 I have an identical system, except a 3900x vs 3700x. Have you done 70 in OXR and 70 Render Scale (with TAA) in Flight simulator? That has turned out to be the sweet spot for me.

Make SURE you turn off reprojection. Having flown with it forever in DCS, I ignored Lucky’s recommendation for two days to disable it, and once I turned it off I had a massive improvement in flying experience. The performance overhead combined with visual distortion don’t make it worth it, and that was my “Ah Ha” moment that stopped me fiddling and got me flying.


Yes it does and I’m recommending starting with this off (if your system is lower or same as the test system I’m basing these off) because it is taking a few fps which is expected, but I’ve found the impact greater near the ground especially when you’re landing, causing additional stuttering at this precise moment you need the most fps to evaluate the flare. In most cases LOW should be already enough and in “My 4K Settings” discussion I’m in fact not recommending setting it higher than LOW otherwise it is creating surrealistic darker halos around ground objects especially workers.

Update: you can view the Ambient Occlusion “layer”:

  • Enable Dev Mode
  • Navigate to the Options (dev menu)
  • Select PBR Channel > AO (srgb)
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I need to test more back and forth. At 3U2 in the snow it was the difference between the ground being a flat sheet of white and actually showing some detail – I spent a long time trying to figure out which particular setting made that look so different in pancake mode, so I thought I would add it to the pile.

By the way:

We have all been beating our head against the wall searching for those last few FPS… is anyone interested in a “VR Fiddlers Fly In?” Maybe we could all join up at the same place in live this evening.

When I’m on the mainscreen in vr,( in the massive grey tiled area ), the timing overlay reads a steady 45hz full with motionrepro, staying constant blue. When I go to world map it goes to 60hz and flashes red and blue about twice a second going between motionrepro and depthrepro.
Anyone seeing similar?

Yea, the world map tends to thrash your CPU, so it’s getting hung a bit there – nothing unexpected.

When are you planning to publish your G2 recommendations? I’m very curious to try them and see if it’s better than what I could achieve…

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:joy: this is also all I want for Christmas. He has mentioned in a few comments that 70/70 with the in game settings as he had them for index is a good all-around point.

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I intend to publish my G2 article today!


I’m very keen to read your findings CptLucky8. I’ve been flying in the G2 on a 9700K/2080Ti using the Cessna Grand Caravan, in areas ranging from Innsbruck to London Heathrow which are quite different. For GA I now have what I think of as decent visuals using WMR/OpenXR, reprojection off (including pushing volumetric clouds to Ultra just because for me they are a personal priority, compromising in other areas of course to allow for that).

It sure looks spectacular but I suspect there have been quite a few people like me lurking and following your recommendations :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time here!

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I have found that especially in the mountains, setting clouds to low generates some odd lighting effects. Where are you giving up to get the clouds to ultra?

I’ve just tried 60hz mode and pleased to say it’s a far better experience than the g1 was. fov doesn’t seem any less and I can get 70ss and 80 render res slow and low around Southampton without going in to depthrepro.
The strobe effect isn’t as bad as I remember either, only really notice it when I look up into bright sky.

Being waiting for that​:metal:t5:. While I am waiting I did some test yesterday following Most of your advice. Rolled back driver to 456.38 1st drivers for RTX 3090. Then I made so adjustments in the Nvidia drivers that most recommended and using openxr with 70% and TAA 140% in game with a lot of settings to high or ultra but ambient occlusion (see screenshots) I was able to have beautiful :butter: smooth flight in Europe (Germany) and Australia. But when I tried LA I got a CTD before taxiing. I have a beefy configuration i910900k with 3090 FE and 64 Gb ddr4 3600mhz and all my drives are ssd and Mvne. I have a G2 reverb
Question is: could the flawless performance in Europe and Australia be due to these parts of the world not having photogrammetry vs US?Uploading: 5D7A59FB-8464-4684-B83B-2A6EE6CD1019.jpeg…

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I’m tired of it right now…:confused:
My last conclustion is that Motion Reprojection feature is a big fail (at least in MSFS with G2)…
I really don’t understand what’s the purpose of it when all it does is introducing stutters and wobbling frames below 30fps. Maybe 45fps is the absolute min. to make it work as intended?Have no idea!
I just turned it off and my frames went up immediately (33-35 stable)
I’m absolutely sure that my system is able to give me 35fps in VR, so why Motion Reprojection ON is taming it down!?
I’m waiting for some serious fix, new drivers or whatever…

Reprojection does make a lot of fps disappear, it takes about 8 off me, but it’s just so smooth if it’s kept over 30.

My settings are
9700K @5 ghz
Nvidia 456.55 (this might not be optimal)
HAGS off, Game Mode off
Nvidia Power management, prefer max performance
Nvidia texture filtering - Performance, vertical sync Fast, VR pre-rendered frames 1.
Threaded optimisation on, trilinear optimisation on
WMR with OpenXR
OpenXR: use latest preview ON
Custom render scale 110%
Motion reprojection: Disabled
Terrain LOD 50
Terrain vector: low
buildings: high
trees: medium
Grass/Bushes: low
Objects LOD 100
Clouds: ultra
Texture res: high
Anisotropic filtering: 2x
Texture supersampling: 4x4
Texture synthesis: medium
Water waves: medium
Shows maps: 2048
Terrain shadows: 2048
Contact shadows : off
Windshield effects: medium
Ambient occlusion: off
Reflections: off
Light shafts: medium
Bloom: on
Cockpit refresh: medium

This is getting me 18-20fps sat on the Innsbruck runway today which might not be high enough for some, but for me it’s an acceptable tradeoff in visuals/practical use. Some of my settings might be off/without reason, and I will try downgrading my nvidia driver a bit more.

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I absolutely agree! There is a clear difference when it works but that’s often not the case especially in Airliners at big airports with dense clouds…I really hope someone will finally figure it out:)