My Airbus complaints

First, it’s the best of em all, well there is just 3 of them. Anyway, since this sims strength is eyecandy i’d suggest to improve the display reflection, in Aerosoft’s Airbuses you can see even fingerprints, lol. But that’s of secondary importance. The icons such as TOC and TOD should be bigger and “GREEN”. If the co-pilot can say “80 knots”, pretty sure he can also say “rotate”, would be nice, eh? The Airbus is usually trimmed at 0.8 up for take-off but doing that leads to an early nose rise during the take-off roll. The autopilot switches from Direct Law to Normal Law above 100 feet AGL? Well, we have to fight the pitch like crazy after take-off, not cool, the 0.8 deg pitch up are meant to keep the nose aloft without much stick input. Same after disengaging the autopilot 3-100 feet AGL before touch down. When in Direct Law for the flare the plane becomes very touchy, which makes smooth landings difficult, the autopilot should have given us a well trimmed plane. I’d like to see these things fixed. I am not expecting a talking co-pilot who does the checklist with me and stuff. Oh and btw the “bus” doesn’t know open descent yet. Brackets on the speed tape that allow the plane to vary in pitch to secure a certain descent rate. Modders have already added more pages to the displays, i’d like to see them incorporated in one of the future patches. I am not modding my sim yet until i know how much Microsoft is willing to fix themselves, other than that the Airbus is quite simable.