My Airstrip does not show up on world map

I have built some scenery, a few polygons, a building and an airport with a transparent runway. It’s really just an airstrip and I gave it the ICAO number NZFS which seems to be available.

I built my project and copied it into the community folder. When I fly over I can see the building I added but I cannot see my airstrip in the world map, so I cant select it as a departure or destination. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


did you figure it out? I have the same issue.

thank you

Hi there,
I am not an SDK developer, so I am not in a position to help, but I did see this other similar post that has a solution. Maybe it could help?


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Thank you! Much appreciated!

Edit: This actually solved my problem. Thanks a bunch! The content.xml was at fault


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Glad to hear it!