My bush trip's progression is gone after Sim Update 5!

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My Brushtrip’s progresstion is gone after last update !!!

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Launch the game, go to Brush Trip and all progression is back to 0%
For information, I finished 3/4 brush trips !! Don’t want to restart them !

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In my case, only 3rd-party bush trips (speak FS Academy VFR and IFR products) have been reset. I did the US California bush trip and that was marked 100%.

Same here. I have finished the patagonian one and the balkan tour. But only my current progress on the nevada tour seems to have been saved. I have also lost all my landing challenges progress.

Almost the same problem here, bushtrip shows some progress, but challenges and training shows 0% mastered :confused:

I was halfway the Patagonia Bushtrip, installed sim update 5, and the progress is back to 0% (oddly, my progress in the Balkans is still about 50%). The trip restarted where I left it, in leg 8, but the waypoints were all gone, and the GPS pointed back to Tierra del Fuego (hundreds of NM away at this stage). I still made it to El Calafate where leg 8 finishes (but crash landed :weary:). Now when I enter the bushtrip I’m back on Tierra del Fuego (leg 1). I don’t want to reflight that many hours because of a bug… :neutral_face:

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Well, I guess the only way is to repeat them. I just got back to 100% training. Next up landing challenges.

My bush trips (denmark 83%, sweden 80%) were correctly taken to SU5, but I can fly the last leg as often as I want (getting the leg completed screen) but I do not get the 100% of the trip. So no way to complete them :frowning:

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I see the same behaviour with the French bush trip. :roll_eyes:

was able to complete the trip by starting it again from first leg. It is then possible to get to the leg you want to do by activating developer mode, opening teleport windows and teleport to the destination of first leg. wait a few seconds till it counts as finished and continue with teleporting to the second destination and so on. Was able to finish the first legs in about a minute.

I have the same, lost all my progress (about 50%) on French trip… good tip on here about enabling developerode and teleporting but sacre bleu Asobo :sob:

For those that lost the landing challenge progress, please also see:

Lost all my bush trips?
I completed all but but not the from the wold update 6.
Now doing the Germany Bush Trip but problems intermittent with the Bonanza?
One leg you can set altitude the next leg no altitude setting the next leg no heading setting next leg all is working?

All bush trips completed prior to SU5 were reset to 0% for me. I can fly the first leg with the POI and nav showing, however as soon as I go to the second nothing is shown in the map or coordinates (recall seeing this in another topic). Exploring the world through bush trips was one of the joys of the sim, and now that’s gone.

Really hope this can be formally logged and fixed in the next update.

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