My content in the community folder is showing up in to MSFS2020

I have seen this problem around a lot however, no matter all is done the addons still is not in the game. I have downloaded addons successfuly. However until early March, new downloads in the community folder its not shown. However if I take the current stuff that i downloaded in the past out of the community folder, restart MSFS it stays in the game. I also tried to remove something downloaded in the past in the community folder and replace it with the new files i want to download but then the new download does not show still. I need help.

I’m wondering if your community folder got moved.

Are you on steam or MS Store version?

Take a look in your UserCfg.opt file and down at the bottom will give you the path it’s using for the community folder.

Does it match up?

It does look like your Community Folder has been moved, this will show where your community file is actually located as well.

Go into MSFS2020
Select Options
Select General
Select Developers (on the left, at the bottom)
Turn Developer Mode on
Look for the new menu at the top left (the text is very small)
Select Tools
Select Virtual File System

so basicly now realised its just that WinZip puts the downloaded content into another folder. So bassicly if i download an Air Asia livery e.g, then WinZip puts the unzipped folder into ANOTHER folder. All i had to do was to open it and take it out. TKS

Thanks for posting how you solved the problem. Your comment will help others who are new to the game a lot :+1:

That’s interesting. I haven’t used Winzip for years as I use 7-zip now, and it doesn’t do that.

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