My Download Is Stuck! Help!

i have game pass but needed to uninstall the xbox app as it was causing my problem . but yes i think you will need to free some space on your c drive also. my problem was when downloading the game it was downloading a package getting to say 70% of it the re downloading it again and again in a loop.

it was the latest version i had just updated it and everything else as i was trying to work out what was going on.

I hear you! :grinning:
So many problems that I hope they get fixed soon. To be honest, the Alpha ran better than the Beta and full release but gradually it’s getting there. Have a long way to go.

Hey my sim has been downloading and then got stuck at 48GB I have waited for an hour now and still nothing

In your case for that long, End Task and relaunch MSFS. I had to do this up to 3 or 4 times on my laptop (WiFi) but on my desktop (wired), no issues of stalling while downloading. It also depends on your location to a MS server.

Assure you do have enough disk space as required by MS (150GB).

Also, there was a new XBOX app that came out on 18 August. Assure that is up to date. If it updates, then restart your PC after installing that.

This was just posted and recommend filling this out:

I currently have 900GB on my data drive(D:) and I have a wired internet connection and I also have the xbox app

Something strange just happened I think it’s deffo to do with the connection I’m using wifi I thought it was all sorted and I was getting unusual slow speeds so I disconnected and reconnected and oh no back to the problem again but I noticed that when it was stable downloading I was on 2.4g network so I looked what it was when I had the problem and it was 5g network so I made my 2.4g network separate from my 5g and connected to the 2.4g and hey presto its working again a solid but slow download. So at least it’s downloading if it be rather slow but yeah try making sure if your WiFi using 2.4g

Hey I just restarted my PC and when I entered the game it just started playing even though I have not finished downloading it and I will and when I try to fly it did not work I tried training also didn’t work it just could not allow me to fly even though I did not finish downloading the game

We did notice that restricting the download speed helped on some WiFi connections. Even some wired ones.

When you do get it all downloaded, be patient as it loads. That process can take up to 5 mins and hopefully you will not experience any crashes. There are posts on here about that.

Nice one. :+1:t2:

That’s new to me. Did it prompt you to “Set Experience”?

Exit MSFS, End Task if you can exit normally. Reboot. Then relaunch the sim and see if it checks for updates and then downloads them.

Thanks for the help

A mi tambien me paso intenta cerrar la aplicacion y volverla a abrir

Yes, in most cases, that is the fix.

This is exactly my issue from the day of release. I cannot access the flight training or do any flying when MSFS2020 bypass the content manager update page.
Mine is stuck at 12.48g to finish and will not download pass that. I left the system on overnight and checked the next morning, the same situation.
The next file I have to download is fs-base-cgl-0.1.21.fspackage.027.

Frustrating experience so far.

Plis mine says I have 32GB remaining but my white download line says I have downloaded 35GB and I’m afraid to restart it

You won’t lose what has been downloaded and decompressed.

If it’s always getting stuck at the same place, there’s an FAQ Aboso put out about deleting the stuck file from the cache and relaunch sim.

Where can I find the FAQ

if it’s not downloading after 30 mins with no up in percentage, end task and relaunch. You have to keep doing this until all is installed.

Yes, a big problem. It needs fixed. You and others should fill out that installing survey posted.