My experience (it's not so good)

Here’s how my experience is so far:

Download the game from the Microsoft store, but it downloads oddly fast. No problem. I boot in, sit through one of my pet peeves, multiple unskippable splash screens, then the window pops itself from fullscreen to windowed for no apparent reason. I now “press any key” and see a bar at the top about customizing my experience, but it’s not that, oh no. It wants me to update a game on the first day of release, which is secret talk for “actually install the game from inside the game”. It gets about 30 gigs in, and about halfway through I’m glad that the mandatory elevator music has bugged out and stopped. I alt-tab back to the window to check on the progress and it crashes. This isn’t a problem since modern installers can generally pick up where they left off, except in this case, it didn’t. It gets endlessly stuck, with no option to do a repair or recover check and no feedback.

So tell me. What’s the point of installing a Microsoft product from the Microsoft store, which has no problems installing applications, just to hide the real installation inside of a new program which can’t do so in a safe and consistent manner? What’s the point of forcing me to listen to ambient music during a 100 gb install? Why would I care about the companies showing up on the multiple splash screens that I’ve seen 10 times now if I can’t even see if their game is worth a ■■■■? The choices made with this go against every possible practice for making programs user friendly and nice to engage with. It’s 2020. Installers and launchers are a solved problem. There’s no excuse.

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Just a little tip. You can use Windows 10 “Volume Mixer” to mute the music :grin: