My favorite sightseeings

I on my way to visit all the capitals in the world; not only the biggest, but the smallest ones as well. I’ll visit some other places from time to time.

I’ll post all my favorites here as I fly; not necessarily to most famous ones.

It is possible to enter a GPS coordinate in the search box in the world map in FS; I might specify somes in my posts. You can use Google Maps to find a GPS coordinate; right click on the map, then select “More information on this place”, click on the GPS Coordinate, then you can cut the GPS coordinate and past it in FS.

So far :

  • Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Machu Picchu area
  • Los Angeles city tour
  • Athens city tour and, of course, the Acropolis
  • Katmandou, Nepal area

Thanx for sharing - I will try those places.

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Everybody knows The Grand Canyon, but not a lot of people know The Zion Park.I saw both of them; which one did I prefet? Well, you can’t choose between two nature wonders! :wink:

Using the Extra 300LT for this one at 37°12’32.0"N 112°58’43.6"W, fly a heading at 205 and follow the mountains on your right.


How does Bryce Canyon look? I’ve been there as well as Angel’s landing in Zion ntl park. I hope the game does it justice.

Never been there; what do you think?

Hmm nope, doesn’t do it justice,. Google Bryce canyon to see what it is supposed to look like. I guess Bing doesn’t have detailed data there.


It’s all blurry on Bing.

From KFLL , fly south following the shore until all the buildings have been seen; you can finish the flight to KMIA

Lar National Park, Iran

It’s not a place in the world that people visit, so I was curious to see things out there

From 35°59’06.9"N 51°58’45.0"E, watch bellow, fly East, when the mountain has been seen, fly heading 240 to see what Teheran looks like.


**If you like mountains; here are 2 suggestions **

**# 48°45’53.7"N 113°47’37.3"W Glacier National Park, Montana **

# 51°25’10.2"N 116°12’21.9"W Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, my own country, one of the most famous sightseeing in Canada because of the mountains and the color of the water

I found the Big Bend National Parc area, Taxas, somehow different; thinking to the Moon surface while flying out there.

I you liked Zion National Park, you will probably like the Arches National Park as well. From 38°44’11.7"N 109°35’20.7"W, fly heading 135 degrees. Once you reach the river, fly to the east.

Nice area, France. From the LFMN airport, you can follow the river toward the North. Otherwise, you can fly to Monaco 10 nm east. I prefered to fly over the land to Monaco, keeping the sea in sight.

Hong Kong at sunset with few clouds is unbeatable!

Madagascar; cross country; fly from FMAL to FMRA at 6500’. Before landing at FMRA, have a look at the hills at 330 degrees from FMAR; you might enjoy flying low; I noticed that trees are different than Norrh America.

Tunesia. I took off from DTTA for a city tour. Then, I noticed the biggest mountains south, I was curious to see them, so I changed my flight plan. The best was the flight on my way to the mountains. I landed at Z28S.

I have flown a lot of places mentionned on FlightLoc and elsewhere. Then, what’s next? I have begun to fly the capital of each country in the world; fiouuuu I still have a few hours before putting the game away :innocent:

Islamabad, Pakistan. From OPRN, fly a heading 330 on your first leg to see the Faisal Mosque near the mountains, then at your discretion to OPTA.

Entering the GPS co-ords! Of course! I was thinking what a shame you can’t position yourself accurately on the map before you start and have to try and find stuff yourself and here is the answer. Thanks Gilligan841.

Thanks to the FS teams that implemeted it in the game :slight_smile:

I suggest you use the Extra 300 for this one.

From UGMS, fly North, then keep your right all the way until the top of the mountains. Then, fly East, and North-East-East to URMN.

Korea, Seoul city tour.

After the tour, I flew over the airport a few minutes and looked at the live trafic landing, departing and taxiing at a busy hour. Overall, everything seemed normal, except I found strange seeing an aircraft landing on the left runway, then taxing to back track the right runway as another aircraft was on final on the right runway. The one on the runway left the runway just before the other one landed. Considering there was a taxiway available, I am not sure the Korean Airline aircraft used the runway to taxi to the ramp in real life.

Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing real trafic live!