My favorites on the world map

When you add a scene, an airport, a landmark etc…
It would be great if we could add a favorite location or edit on the world map so that we can plan flights that depart from or arrive to those places later.

A little like the “gold” color Airports for those who have a high level of detail.

For the moment it’s manageable but in the future we will have a lot of addons and have a quick visual way on the world map to identify these places and thus to prepare a flight without having to say that we don’t remember on which airport we have to install a visual addon.

Thank you very much.


With so many amazing sights and locations, as well as hand-made scenery mods, we need a way to bookmark our favourites for future visits.

Yes i’ve been saying this since day one!

First off, wonderful job on the program. I have one small suggestion, it would be really helpful if you could bookmark airports, locations (coordinates) so you could visit unmarked remote areas again at a later date. This way you don’t have to copy/paste coordinates to some of your favorite spots. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

I had used fsx 5-6 years until 2013. At that time I had many addon airfields installed.
The default fields looked so bad to me. So, I only flew from/to my addon airports. To achieve this, I installed google earth and used markers to clearly see my addon airports.
Now I have started fs civil flight sim and I think its on board map tool is great to create flight plans. I don’t need fs commander like programs. The only think I want is to be able to put markers to my favorite locations. The more I explore the world, the more marker will come.
I hope MS will consider this.

I’ve often landed, taxied, or slewed to interesting non-airport locations that have special meaning to me and I would like to use as a base to fly and explore from on a regular basis without having to fly or slew there from an actual airport all over again each time, etc. So it would be nice to add custom locations that I could see and click on from the world map when I wanted to fly from there, as if there was an airport there.

I’ve read in other threads that if you enter latitude and longitude or click in a random spot on the map, it starts you off in the air instead of on the ground. Also if I try to save the current flight, then when I go back to load it, it’s the same time and weather as when I saved it, and it doesn’t let me change it back to current time and weather.

Yeah that’s a solid and valid request.

Personally I would like landmark info and my logbook data to be exportable in a few different formats.
It would be handy for instance to be able to paste exported text straight into a spreadsheet.

This is a feature that I would really like to see. I like to fly ‘discovery’ flights in different countries and. like the OP, I often land at remote locations like on a beach or in a field. With these journeys I do like to resume the flight from where I left off. If I were to land on a beach IRL, after my night camping I would have to depart from the beach so why not in the sim?

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